Every Day We Don’t Die (Starshine Show Episode 1)

On the Starshine Show, Sibyl Kempson and I talk about Astrology

G E N E R A L L Y. Take a listen.

Tei Blow hosts, John Gasper produces.

This time it’s about the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 4/5 2020. To open it, I read this:

For the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 4/5 2020 it’s time to get real about what you know. It’s the best and only strategy. We are not done going backward. We are nowhere near done looking back. Oh we want to be done. We want more than anything to be done. Are we close? We are not close.

Come in, come in with me. It will be our friends, our friends and neighbors on whom we ply our principals.

It will be between friends and neighbors that our morals, our laws will have relevance. You will not be able to stop applying the rules you have learned.
Whatever is stuck in your throat, you will cough up.

Are you breathing? Are you breathing with us? Keep trying to breathe.

So many people will die. Can you hear me? So many people will die, because they should not die. Because they can die. Because it’s not time for them to die. Because it’s time.

Death is everywhere, and death wanted me to let you know not to choke on your words, not to stop speaking until you are dead.

Maybe if we listen now, the dead can speak?

Who is so serious? It’s all of us. Pushed to the part where you snap, having snapped, and still pushed.

Big death, big sickness, big disease, big secret, big skeletons, big unholy nightmare, and who is going to pay for this mess with their bodies?

Who in your family has already paid, and are you going to talk about it? Is your silence a form of prayer? In what ways do we communicate?

The wheels turn, biological wheels, state appointed wheels, the wheels of justice, the wheels of commerce, the wheels of terror, and it’s fair to expect we will be caught up in the teeth of the gears, run over by the cars, be mangled, broken or die.

Every day we don’t die we have to face this mess. A human mess. Who can face it? Who can look away?

It’s time to get real about what you know. It’s time to hold your knowledge in esteem, however small your personal store, what you know will guide you, and it’s all that you possess.

If you are going to act you will have to do it from your painful individuality, you will have to arrive with your deeply broken heart and every one of your flaws. There is no escape. We are not coming out of this time, not for years, baby, not for years. We ALL, everyone who lives and the dead to watch us, we are all going further in.

This horrible time, this magic time, this blessed time. This time we are born over and over. This time where we have been frozen in order to unlock.

This time where we attempt to answer the same questions with different parts of our bodies. With our hands, with our breath, with our bones, we will try to live the answers.

Projects restart after a disordered interval. People return to us after long separations. Or we are finished with them. We change our minds. Virtually, or literally. Venus is direct and Mercury reconsiders.

The full moon eclipse on Saturday July fourth, is a car crash, is a reminder, is an accident that is no accident. It is a fire, and a message that spreads out into the world.

It is a painful word and the word/the world was GOD. There is nothing here that is not natural. Only it’s so hard to watch.

Remember, whatever world you see, you are in it. Love, and Fear. Violence, Bravery, Transcendence, Hope. Hope without which we are as lost as a toddler in a supermarket.
Hope for whom we give up every other aspiration. Hope, on whom we pretend not to subsist. Hope for whom we will sacrifice all idols, all avenues, if only HOPE.

For this Lunar Full Moon Eclipse, the Moon along with a Retrograde Jupiter/Pluto & Saturn, is in Capricorn, The Sun in Crab. Mars is conjunct Chiron in Aries and squares the Cap. Moon as well as a retrograde Mercury at 7 Crab. Venus is direct at 7 Gemini. Retrograde Neptune trines the Jupiter Pluto conjunction, Uranus trines the Moon. Eris the goddess of discord transits 24 Aries and tightly squares the Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn at 20, 23, and 29 Capricorn.

That’s the view of the sky from where we are: here.

If you begin to listen to whatever nature is available to you, what do you hear? Thunder, refrigerator hum, the scrape of your chair across the floor, jasmine climbing the telephone pole, the sun has made the pavement really too hot. A dog barks, fruit flies crowd your garbage, ants happy to be on a mission, local crows, distinct and sharply flapping commentators, they seem to organize the street. A crack of summer lightning?
These languages, someday perhaps as valuable as any we might learn. Aliens? At the edge of the frontier of our minds as we conceive of a relationship to all living things. To all living things, what does that mean?

There is no way in this universe to meaningfully separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you. There is no way to extricate yourself from the limitless power of creation.

The waiting for divinity is over. Stretch out your arms, and receive yourself from yourself.

Allow yourself to imagine your own death. However it comes, imagine you are dying, powerless and then dead. Take a deep breath and feel that you are breathing, you are alive and here with us.

Love YOU


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