(Simple Scopes for a Complex Time) Aquarius Full Moon and Beyond August 2020


Chew off your own foot to get out of a trap? Don’t do it.

Recognize the creative and generative power of language, of framing.


Is there a value to interdependence? You are going to go your own way no matter what. Your life itself is a love poem. New chapter, new verse.


Don’t keep secrets from yourself. Write down what you know, so you can see it.


Allow yourself something for the sole reason that you like it. Desire strengthens you.


Your courage gives others heart. You don’t blend in, and especially now, are not supposed to.


Be careful where you point that knife. Opportunities that emerge rest in your ability to translate pressure into durable creations.


Don’t take it personally. (I know! I know! ) What you are being asked to do is revolutionize your deepest pathology. To let go of what you tell yourself you need.


Give yourself a much needed release. Also, write what you have in your mind.


If you are looking for validation, talk to a tree. Long term goals don’t make you a sellout.


There’s a blast of energy right here for you if you can direct it. What is it you want to prove? If it’s not dangerous, go ahead, prove it.


Isolation and loneliness so often accompany revolutionary energy. In whatever ways you find yourself destabilized, look for the love, the pleasure, that shows you your new direction.


You could go for some sacrifice, or take a rest if you can, but you do have some very powerful ongoing support. Unconscious words? What they reveal is how much you have grown.

Love YOU!!!!


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