A Message for Jupiter Direct: God is Punishing Me/Wishful Thinking    

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Jupiter rules the big picture.

It has to do with the joy that comes to you based on how you frame your life.

Or to say it another way,

Jupiter rules your philosophy and your opportunities.

So. A little treatise on God is Punishing Me/Wishful Thinking:

There is no causal relationship between what you deserve,

and what happens/how people treat you. As in the heartfelt question,

“I’m a really good person, why is this bad thing happening to me?”

The only thing that controls other people’s actions is other people.

AND, your vengeful wishful thinking can not make a piano drop on your enemies head as he leaves the cafe carrying his latte, any more than it can make a selfish lover generous, or a dreamer wake up.

Instead, there is a causal relationship between your perception of what happens, and what happens next. Or should I say, WHAT YOU DO after whatever it was that happened.

It is how we frame events that gives them their power,

and emphasizes the role they will play in our lives.

Your perception influences your life immeasurably.

You in turn, offer the influence of your perception to the lives of others.


When your lover commits suicide, is it time to become an alcoholic, or time to reexamine the life you have been living, is it time to help others who you see are struggling, or time to look at who you choose to love? Is it time to become aware of the precious and fleeting quality of life, or time to let go and realize the winds of perception blow people into all kinds of hopeless corners? Time to get a real job and straighten up, or time to travel around the world and get a fresh perspective?

Only you know what time it is. It may be time for any, or all of these things.


Jupiter is direct on January 30th, but I can feel it already,

pulling together threads, and opening my mind.

Sagittarius and Geminis, this retrograde has been something of a tailspin for you two, but the value has been in a chance to rework your foundationals, to look inward at what you believe, and where you want it to take you.

During the Jupiter retrograde choices and chances may have stalled a bit since October 4.

We have been swimming around, not so much in a circle, as in a series of small alternate tributaries like a river with so many branches.

Inner knowledge has been gathered, and now as we move forward, into actually expanding our lives, we do so in a direction that is both more grounded and more personally resonant.

Love YOU!!!!



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