Omie Kate Johnson is a writer, consulting Astrologer, and performer.

Discovering, untangling, getting to the heart of what is happening, and connecting people to their own power and possibilities is at the core of what I do.

I love the thrill of discovery, the ocean, plants, music, art of every sort, reading, & writing, maybe in that order.

Working to bring clarity, relief, hope, guidance, and above all, to reconnect you to yourself on a deep level brings me joy.

Lara Satori Harris is a writer and consulting Astrologer.

She has settled into the valley where the Columbia river divides the mountains from high-desert. Passions include her multi-talented children, fly fishing, trees, rivers, and coffee. Her greatest challenge lies in marshaling the wherewithal to make coffee without first having had coffee. Every morning she doesn’t pour the water into her handbag is a battle won.

Between the night sky & your eyes
between myth & magic
between art & fact
between reality & alchemy
between inquiry & reflection
between scholarship & imagination
between discussion & devotion
between abstraction & illumination
between you and me
infinite astrology.