Spirituality is not a set of techniques used to isolate oneself from reality and to create an inner world where we can take shelter to cultivate own impressions. Spirituality is like a light through which we look to see the world, other people, ourselves and the path where life runs by. By means of that light we catch the sense of reality and events, and becoming a stimulus, impels us to take responsible and just attitudes that makes us advance in a direction. These taken attitudes face us with new realities and events in which we will have to find deeper meaning and take clearer positions. This way turns us into a deep and interesting way of living through life. This is not born from a philosophy but in a meeting with God and from the confrontation with a reality. Because of it, the person who has a spirituality does not know confusion and enjoys an unified spirit. – The Dominicans

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Lightning & Co. is the creation of Astrologer Omie Johnson. It features written work, video, podcasts, imagery, music, ephemera, and ummm… A magazine, or ?

You can find more of Omie’s work @ o-lighting.com, and in conjunction with Sibyl Kempson & Lara Satori Harris.

If you want to catch all three of us at once tune into The Starshine Show. It’s an Astrocast featuring a New Moon and Full Moon forecast, and dope teeny tiny ‘scopes. Composer, sound & media designer & performer Tei Blow hosts the show, and John Gasper produces.

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Omie is based is New Orleans. She loves the ocean, exploring new worlds, has lots of children and they are all big.