About Lightning & Co.

Omie Johnson is an Astrologer, writer, and performer. For many years she wrote the O! Lightning Astrology Blog. You can read what has been written about it HERE. You can also find Omie’s work in conjunction with Sibyl Kempson & Lara Satori Harris. All three of us together make the The Starshine Show! The Starshine Show is an Astrocast featuring a New Moon and Full Moon forecast, and teeny tiny ‘scopes. Composer, sound & media designer & performer Tei Blow hosts, John Gasper produces.

To schedule an Astrological consult or Tarot reading with Omie click HERE or shoot her an email @ xoxo.lightning@gmail.com

Omie is based in New Orleans. She grew up doing Palmistry and reading faces which she learned from her father at an early age. As an adult she became entranced with the infinite maps and intricate symbolism of western astrology. There is always something more to learn, always another layer of understanding. Omie loves the ocean & exploring. She has lots of children, they are all full grown.

Lara Satori Harris is a writer and consulting Astrologer. She has settled into the valley where the Columbia river divides the mountains from high-desert. Passions include her multi-talented children, fly fishing, trees, rivers, and coffee. Her greatest challenge lies in marshaling the wherewithal to make coffee without first having had coffee. Every morning she doesn’t pour the water into her handbag is a battle won. 

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