April 2017 in View, Mercury and Saturn Move Back    

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I have floating brain in the morning. Thoughts enter and exit without reasonable segues, darting, glittering as fish, in a swamp murky with treachery. Stalking egrets, tangles of water-lily roots, lumpy irregular cypress knees, a snake, a frog, a turtle, and up at sunrise, only to sleep all day, alligators.

Sun bleached decay, disassociation, floats on the edges. What used to be a wrapper, wraps nothing, red, muted to a peachy orange, describing the power of the Sun. We circle a fireball stripping heat from the blaze of advertising. Move suddenly as a stork, and then stand still, the Sun is in charge.

Aries Sun and a Cancer Moon that now moves past the crisis point, whatever arrow was shot yesterday has found its home already and it’s fall out now, results.

April is a complex month this go around. Luck competes with unpredictability, outcomes are uncertain, it’s not only that the playing field is uneven, but who will be permitted to play, and what are the stakes? Can we hope for a quick turn around in May, if April is a long detour, with Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all moving backwards? With so many elements left to establish? The trouble is, it’s not really a detour. Nothing so simple, so time consuming, and so direct.

There is nothing wasted this month, however it may seem.


Venus’ backward motion keeps pace with the retrograde of Saturn. Venus will turn direct mid-April, and Saturn will stay square to her. Measuring.


What is it worth ?

Value, Cash, Love, Ethics, the rules, and the formalities. The shape and the content. What does love look like empty? What makes it last?

As you are well aware, significant events are happening. And as Venus moves to Pisces, they happen on more than one level. Larger multi-layer stories are being drawn out, stretched to the breaking point, wound, unwound, and bounced like a ball of rubber-bands. Snap! Add a layer or take one away.

It’s a necessary confusion. The events of April accumulate, add value, and progress your story. They ARE the story. How could it be otherwise? However frustrating, the hold-ups and re-considerations take place alongside genuine developments, which are plainly indispensable to your progress.


Are there one way streets you are destined to drive down, rightly or the wrong way… is this the important lesson? Is this? Certain events are reenacted. How will you play your part this time? Do you even want to play?


Saturn retrogrades on April 5th in what seems a punishing stroke of luck. His position aligns him through October with Uranus and the North Node. Taken together, it’s a push toward taking risks with long term benefits, though the old man eases up, moving ahead to complete what you have already begun, with Saturn direct and Uranus retro during September/October.

In this last block before the Saturn in Capricorn of 2018, for people with late mutable signs and those who let something slide seven years ago, now the bill comes due. With Saturn ruled by Jupiter, if you make the effort to pay, to fix your transgressions you won’t be unrewarded.

It’s a chance to excel again, for you current Saturn Achievers, a pinch, though a bit harder. Saturn brings pressure, and pressure brings diamonds, or that’s what we say. Fix it, is what you will be called on to do. Bones, teeth, health, money, VALUES, ETHICS. And this one for the win, release. Some things you can’t fix.

Saturn’s station is at 27 degrees Sagittarius, and he will take it back to 21 Sagittarius.

The involvement of Uranus/North Node insures that new destinies are springing up and to succeed align yourself with authority, stability, restructure, repair.

Get on the right side of the law.

On April 9th, Mercury turns retrograde at 4 degrees Taurus. This is right alongside a massive, dynamic, whopper of a Cardinal T-square rich Libra Full Moon on the 10th/11th…. it’s all part of that extended Venus/Chiron moment I’ve been mentioning. About that Full Moon, I’ll write soon….more to come!

Mercury moves backward, and backward all month to rendezvous with Uranus at 24/25 degrees Aries on May 3rd.


That’s progress, that’s movement, that’s quite a day, a giant triangle takes shape: Saturn, Mercury conjunct Uranus, North Node conjunct the Leo Moon. Grand Fire Trine alert! Circle the date! And as you do, notice that it’s a full month away from us.

**What will it take to get there?


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