Aquarius Full Moon August 22, 2021 (the second one!)

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At the last moment of LEO, at 29 degrees LEO, where we are now, let’s imagine within you, a fragment of Sun, an endless renewable resource, a flame. And like our solar Sun, you will burn all the while, the whole time you exist, and that whole time will be an eternity…

Let’s connect to this idea that your consciousness is omnipresent, moving as a flame does, continuously vital and alive.

On cloudy days, maybe you can’t even see you, you can’t find yourself, but there you are, burning off the haze, keeping yourself warm, soft and bright.

It’s a moment where you might understand your own needs, and you might accept yourself without apology. Having weighed your feelings and your commitments, you do what’s next, naturally.

There may be a note of intuition, (good, helpful) or of facts versus the spin that could be placed on them, (less good, less helpful) the gloss that covers over, or the ways we choose not to see.

I read a poem by Keith S. Wilson and I can’t stop hearing it. It’s called

Black Matters

after D.H. Lawrence

shall i tell you, then, that we exist?

there came a light, blue and white careening.

the police like wailing angels

to bitter me.

and so this:

dark matter is hypothetical. know

that it cannot be seen

in the gunpowder of a flower,

in a worm that raisins on the concrete,

in a man that wills himself not to speak.

gags, oh gags.

for a shadow cannot breathe.

it deprives them of nothing. pride

is born in the black and then dies in it.

i hear our shadow, low treble

of the clasping of our hands.

dark matter is invisible.

we infer it: how light bends around a black body,

and still you do not see black halos, even here,

my having told you plainly where they are.

Don’t confuse yourself, and don’t let anyone confuse you. Love here looks like integrity, like equilibrium, like betting on yourself to grow, to win.

You don’t have to reach for this one. It’s right here. The future has arrived once again, as ever, it’s fresh.

Ideas about symmetry and fairness come into it, ideas about innovation and relationship, autonomy, and perhaps even something to the tune of destiny… You may not keep your balance, but for a moment, you have it. It just happens.

Saturn trines Venus and the North Node very tightly, 7, 7, and 8 degrees, all Aquarius, Libra, Gemini.

The emphasis is on innovation, a Moon/Jupiter breakthru/break free sort of a conduit or connector, a link between where you are and where you are going.

Put it on the scales. You may take a chance on yourself, and if you do, you should.

An element of Justice may be at play, or a surprise of some kind. Words may be sharp, and could even cut you, but they will not be deliberately cruel.

– We know perfectly well from the moment that we know anything about mortal existence, that it is mortal, in the sense that there’s no hope—you’re going to die. And yet, we go on, our hope is involved in what happens every day as we wake up and go through it and meet friends and talk and read poems and see the light come and go. Our hope is not a thing in the future; it’s a way of seeing the present.-

W.S. Merwin wrote that.

I read a bumper sticker on someone’s witchy car the other day and it said “ BUT DID YOU DIE?!” and I had to laugh, all the way down deep, because someday I will, and today I did not.

Allow that you can be renewed for what counts as this forever.

Let it be a moment where you can understand yourself, and act kindly in your own best interest. This lunation carries the idea that since you are going to have a future, it should be one that suits.

— Oliver Burkeman writes

— When stumped by a life choice, choose “enlargement” over happiness. I’m indebted to the Jungian therapist James Hollis for the insight that major personal decisions should be made not by asking, “Will this make me happy?”, but “Will this choice enlarge me or diminish me?”

And that’s the jam. As ever, we work toward liberation in all senses.

Growing toward what brings us to life.

The places we find wonder and possibility, become our revolution, choosing to

expand, to trust, never never shoehorning ourselves into a situation as if we were

not in motion.

Building, as in nature, a nest, a beehive, a migration pattern, a chrysalis, a den, a hermit crab shell that is the right size for who you are becoming, always choosing a scenario that gives you room to grow.

You ARE growing, and it’s beautiful to see. It should be wonderfully, terrifyingly, brilliantly clear that there is no other way.

As you breathe in now, air enters your body and becomes your body. You are very much alive. Every cell and particle of you is in motion. There are no separations between the molecules that surround you and the molecules that ARE you. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!!




Bei Dao, Leo Poet Poster Boy sez:


scared out of our wits

carry lanterns chasing spring

scars gleam, cups rotate

rays of light are created

watch for that moment of bewitchery

a thief steals into the post office

letters send out shrieks

nails, oh nails

the words of this song will not be changed

firewood huddled closely

searching for an audience

searching for the heart of winter

the end of the stream

the boatman waits for all-penetrating dusk

someone has to rewrite love

*translation by Clayton Eshleman and Lucas Klein


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