Aquarius Moon Take 3, Christopher Walken

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For a real true work up of the Full Moon in Aquarius on July 22 2013,


Rational thought is your friend,

Amazing paradigm shifts are possible,




Let’s have Christoper Walken as our Aquarius Moon Poster Boy!

He is so much fun!

At it’s best,– says Walken, – life is completely unpredictable.

This for example, nobody saw it coming… click if you dare!

Aries Sun and Mercury Christoper Walken

has an Aquarius Moon/Mars Conjunction.

Just listen to his Aquarius Moon described before he even gets on stage!!!


Can you imagine?

That is so PERFECT.

Aries/Aquarius Christopher Walken, always one upping.

always comes out Top dog.

-Sexy does not have to do with sex, it’s unpredictability,

it’s not knowing what’s coming next- CW

When he was primarily a tap dancer Christopher had a tee-shirt that read


about which he said -Don’t talk. Do it!-

Aries Sun Conjunct Mercury. There it is!

When asked about inspiration for characters

Aries/Aquarius Christopher replies:

-I don’t know anything about anybody else… my family, my brothers…

I only know about me!-

Walken has Jupiter in Cancer

Venus in Taurus, and Neptune opposes his Sun.

listen to his Aqua Magic:

-I’ve always felt that at the end of every cast list of any play,

the last character on the list ought to be the audience.

Because an audience is a palpable… uh… person in the play.

I’ve always felt that way… my relationship to the audience is just as real

as anybody I’m talking to on the stage.-

When asked, -If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive?-

Christopher answers

You were right.”

That’s a marriage of Aries and Aquarius right there!

Have a fantastic Full Moon!



as bad as this last clip is, it says exactly what I want to say:

Happy Birthday Leos!!!!

Love YOU!!!!

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