Capricorn Full Moon, June 24th, 2021

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The full moon in Capricorn takes place at 3 degrees across from the fresh into Crab Sun.

Capricorn is a bit of a know it all, and that’s a lovely change for everyone. Could we know something? Is there finally a pin to tack a corner of our reality down? Is it at last, a time for a type of sure thing?

That may be supposing too much, and Mercury won’t really be all that until July 7th when he finally clears the square to Neptune, but we can move on now.

When we arrive at June 24th 2021, we may be able to push through to whatever change, whatever finality has been building: we have it, we make it, we are it.

Our yeses and nos are metered out, we can say them now, if we haven’t already, and if we have already said them, we can live them.

Jupiter says YES. Pluto makes it real with Venus, Mars looks to Mercury & ahead to Saturn. Mars has already measured 3 times and carefully now, he makes the cut to build the future, perhaps by way of a conversation.

It’s a passionate moon, and even a healing one. That said, we are not free, we are caught, pinned even. Commitment, certainty, a change and a choice that looks ahead… there is a thread here that transforms, it’s about becoming.

If you have been waiting for something to prove out, or waiting to see…whatever it is you need or have needed for your clarity, you should be able to see it now. An opening in the ordinary fabric of ordinary life.

Jupiter and Saturn both retrograde tell us that the terms may need adjustment over time, but no matter, a bargain is struck. A family, an organization, an obligation, even a love affair, a connection, or a position we no longer struggle to articulate.

A mercurial door is open, and cautious as you are, freedom is found in the exchange. Genuine emotions.

Bob Hicok has a poem called:

-A full-service organization-

it goes like this:

-A full-service organization-

I robbed a bank. Didn’t mean to.

I’d deposited a check when the woman asked,

Is there anything else? She had a great smile.

It reminded me of a waxing moon.

I didn’t want her to be a moon in vain,

so I said, I’ll take all the money in your drawer.

She said, Of course. Then she said a funny thing.

Her head was down, she was looking at a stack of bills

in her hand, when she said, How would you like that?

Meaning tens or twenties. Hundreds or quarters.

And as soon as she said this, she stopped,

dropped her hands, smiled, looked at me,

shook her head and said, Duh. And something

opened between us. A sense of life

as renewable and surprising,

full of little errors that make us notice

we need and can give help. There’s only one way

to want everything, she knew that

and was admitting her mistake. So I pointed out to her

that I didn’t have a gun. She pointed out to me

that money is a knife we plunge into each other

over and over for no good reason.

If I’d have had a cord of wood

or even a few logs, I’d have built a fire

right there and talked to her

well into the night, but there was no tree

in sight. At the end, having handed me the money,

once more she asked, Is there anything else?

Yes, I said. I’d like to deposit this.

Checking or savings, she asked.

Given how far we’d come together, I admitted

I’ve never known how to answer that question,

if it’s better to live for the moment

or look forward to a better time.

That’s why I’m here, she said,

taking out a pencil and paper and dividing

the paper into two columns, one labeled

The Sky Is Falling, the other, So Am I.

I was thinking….

a gathering of Capricorns could be called “an Obligation” an obligation of Capricorns, what do you think? A certainty, a commitment, a hesitation… I don’t know, something about grandparents maybe, or how about this: A Responsibility of Capricorns. Yes, that’s it.

And yet, isn’t it one of the best sorts of freedom: when you know you are doing the right thing?

Such a sweet and serious sensation: everything has been put on the scale, and the mystery we have weighed over and over turns out to be a marriage of depth and opportunity. If you have an opportunity, and you want it, take it. It will be real, and that reality will be valuable. Guaranteed.

Let’s take a breath together now. Let’s be here, where we really are, in motion together without meaningful separations of any kind, all entwined. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!


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