Cardinal Grand Cross & Mars in Libra    

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While Neptune is at home in Pisces, bringing us brighter colors and sweeter songs…

blurring the lines to make miracles and mysteries, to turn frogs to princes and princes to frogs, while you stargaze sleepy eyed…

While Scorpionic Saturn maps the foundations and limitations of reality.

Ultimate support or lack of it,

under these watery conditions.. under extreme surreal circumstances,

and strict compliance…

What is the Cardinal Grand Cross about?


Jupiter in Exalted Crab

an influence not only loving, and forgiving, but protective.

Uranus in Aries

asking for pure selfish bravery, to reinvent our lives in a burst of flame. To dare!

Pluto in Capricorn

heavy is the head who wears the crown.

Deep pragmatic ambition,

Real bonds with our past, or no bonds.

To crawl your way out of nothing, to become not a hero, but a boss.

Is it lonely at the top?

The feeling of a job well done.

That’s a self made man right there.

You own it because you built it.

AND NOW: Mars in Libra.

Pretty pretty Libra Mars, armed with etiquette:

Fighting Smarter.

Libra’s journey here is to learn to be responsible for it’s own desires.

To follow through, from thought to action.

(hint, Uranus in Aries will help!)

Think back now,

to Old Man Saturn Exalted in Libra:

We recently endured that one and lived to tell the tale!

October 28th 2009-October 5, 2012: we learned to play fair.

Is there anyone who didn’t have lessons of balance hit them like a swinging door on the way out?

…And wasn’t there something to keep as well?

A commitment, a friendship, bond or ideal that lasted?

Didn’t we on some level grow up?

Even as Saturn in Scorpio brought us to our knees last winter,

didn’t we kneel like an adult, and endure without whining or shame?

Cause and effect having been made plain already?

Libra Mars brings people together, (and rubs them ’till they start a fire)


~friendly~ competition?

In Libra, Mars fights back against Pluto and Saturn’s isolationist tendencies.

Libra Mars engages.

We won’t sit in our cubbyholes, and wait out these years much longer,

and truthfully we can’t.


Drawing by my old friend the astonishing Fay Ku

To see yourself, get a friend who is a mirror, the danger: forgetting they are a friend.

We will need parties, we will need outings, we will need to be more beautiful.

We will need to win, because we are the most compelling one in the room,

and the sea parts to please us.

What is the challenge then?

Taking ownership of desire.

Taking responsibility, not for having one’s needs fulfilled by someone else,

but for going after what we want. To negotiate,


Now is that fair?

Mars in Libra, likes to receive by giving, then you owe them and you will give back.

Our Cardinal Grand Cross is going to help to clarify:

a carefully negotiated direct desire?

~ a mutually beneficial proposition~

Part of the purpose of the Cardinal Cocktail is simply to move beyond.

Jupiter supports Saturn, and Neptune Supports the North Node.



Uranus has been Retrograde since July 17th

As Uranus Stations Direct on the Full Moon in Gemini on the 17th of December,

we forge ahead.

Are you ahead already? EVEN MORE AHEAD.

Open-Minded/Dogmatic Sagittarius Sun & Mercury,

will soon give way to a stellium in Capricorn.

Venus and Pluto in it up to the neck,

or should I say, balls deep?

We won’t be compromising on values without grave consequences.

From the 17 of December 2013 through the 8th of January 2014,

We will see results of our actions, AND

some unexpected universe style course corrections.

It won’t be possible to stay disengaged.

By December 24, it’s a Capricorn conglomerate:

Sun, retro-Venus, Mercury, Pluto, and where there is Capricorn there is value, and fear.

Fear of success, Fear of failure

destiny & no escape

Factor the Moon as a roving wild card. She moves and the tempo follows her.

Extra Ka-Boom when the Moon hits Aries, Crab, Libra or Capricorn, that’s a promise.

Jupiter is the balm for this.

Trust, that inexplicably, the best will come to pass.

This new year, 2014, is a story about taking a calculated risk.

About the unimaginable future becoming the surreal and beautiful present.

What makes it beautiful?

Beautiful-ugly-beautiful, like biology.

Messy mammalian birth and snakes elegantly shedding skin.

Sea turtles peck their way out of impossibly white orbs,

their sharp little turtle tooth cracks the world,

immediately they swim away.

Do they get eaten? Some do, some don’t.

But nobody sits in their shell refusing to be born, without, err… suffering the consequence, which is, ahhh, death.

Love YOU!!!



For when Mars in Libra Squares Jupiter in Crab… could it be?

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4 Responses to ~Cardinal Grand Cross & Mars in Libra~

  1.             Sophiepiscesmoon says:       

                December 11, 2013 at 10:09 pm (Edit)       

    “Trust, that inexplicably, the best will come to pass.” With astrological times like this, finding and maintaining this trust is almost an exercise in pure willpower. It’s like developing a muscle (but one which I hope will last a lifetime). I am sensing the shift towards relating, I’m already feeling insecure about my relationships. Like you say, other people act as mirrors, but then the doubts creep in…I am going to have to up the anti by employing a kind of burning faith in their goodness. Keep the shadows at bay as best I can. Glad you are writing and reminding us what we need to do Omie! xoxo


                              o_lightning says:       
                  December 13, 2013 at 3:53 pm (Edit)       
      Hey Sophiepiscesmoon,

      Nice to hear from you! ~I am going to have to up the anti by employing a kind of burning faith in their goodness.~ This is such a great defense! Because then, even if they don’t mean well you don’t worry about it, and it’s not your problem. If something actually goes down bad, or they cause harm, then you can deal, no worries ahead of time! <3 I do think the vibe of self interest is on an uptick with Mars in Libra. Which is kind of backwards, right, self interest should be Mars in Aries! It’s just that because the self interest is covert rather than freely expressed in appears as more pointed. xox


  2.             connelly567 says:       

                December 12, 2013 at 4:43 am (Edit)       

    This is truely the best post EVER I have read about the Grand Cardinal Cross and Mars in Libra. As a Libra, I did live to tell the tale about Saturn in my 11th house sun sign but it was damn hard. Just when I thought all was well, last winter, 2012 I was hit by Saturn in Scorpio and yes, down on my knees. Some people would think this was THE END, but I figured I didn’t come through the last 2 and a half years just to give up when the going got tougher. I was made of stronger stuff than that. I endured , didn’t whine and like a Phoenix, rose higher than I imagined. I’m am fearless in anticipation of Mars in an extended stay in Libra andc ready to meet any and all challenges and possibilities. The cherry on the ice-cream? The Capricorn stellium is in my 2nd house where my natal Jupiter resides. I’m hoping that by the end of July, I am rewarded for all this perserverence.


                              o_lightning says:       
                  December 13, 2013 at 3:58 pm (Edit)       
      Hey connelly567,

      Thank you! And Thanks for writing!! With Mars in your sign you are so right to be fired up!There is a lot of power resting in you!
      Capricorn Stellium completely underscores this. Pluto is power. I hope you are rewarded too. <3 xox



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