For the New Moon in Virgo on September 17th, 2020

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There may be a conversation. It may start with a conversation, news between partners, between enemies, between friends who have been friends forever, a conversation that promises, oh I don’t know what. Something comes in and out of focus.

It might be a book, a song you hear on the radio, or one your friend posts on social media, a sign, some sort of symbolic information, a short trip and the meaning derived somehow from language. Something is translated, something is exchanged, something makes itself known with words.

And the words describe values and the values are what you will need, what you need, if you are going to look at yourself in the mirror, and see yourself reflected with your own value integrated, your actions balanced and kind.

We have what we are, here in the fullness of our struggle and our growth.

Can you see the hope in your face? In a face necessarily imperfect, imperfectly beautiful. What plant or animal ever has more than it needs? Don’t we need every mark, every line?

We ARE growing and you will feel it, if you have not already, I promise you will feel how it is possible to grow, even now stripped to our essentials, especially now with nothing extra, we act as our own witnesses, we witness each other.

Who wants to love the you that no one else can become? Who wants to love the you that is not a sketch, not a cartoon, not an approximation of what you believe might be a lovable type, or close enough?

Who wants to love the you that could lay down in the dirt and cry for a hundred years over what the world has become, or has always been? For the way trauma spins out into a thousand intersections, and your hands are only able to catch one or two threads, the clumsy and embarrassing you who cares, who cares to the point of madness, and goes on caring and caring?

And in the wake of that feeling, this new moon will dust you off and find you something to do. An accomplishment in the making. A way to move ahead.

W.S. Merwin wrote:

Rain Light

All day the stars watch from long ago

my mother said I am going now

when you are alone you will be all right

whether or not you know you will know

look at the old house in the dawn rain

all the flowers are forms of water

the sun reminds them through a white cloud

touches the patchwork spread on the hill

the washed colors of the afterlife

that lived there long before you were born

see how they wake without a question

even though the whole world is burning

We are not moving toward the imaginable future.

We are moving toward the UNIMAGINABLE future, to celebrate that, let’s realize it’s not only the numerous ways things can go wrong, that we don’t know.

We don’t know what magic will come out of this moment or the next. We don’t know in what ways our small generosity, our kindness, our fair and gentle touch is rescuing each other and even ourselves. We can’t see what new loves, what stark and simple avenues will open to us now that so many complex entanglements have closed, are closing, will soon be done.

Look to yourself with kindness and creativity. It’s a self acceptance new moon. And a practical one!

Sign for the package before you open it up!

Virgo often wants to be someone more exciting, and is at an absolute loss at how to do that. No need. Virgo is now exactly the correct way to be. The Capricorn pile up wants you to get it right, and Virgo is humble enough to practice and follow through.

It’s a pivot connoting progress, not the easy way, just A WAY, a way ahead.

Who wants this??? Oh I do! I really, really do. I want some sort of method, a map maybe, to change the quality of time. We welcome the New Moon in Virgo, who only wants to help.

I would say Fate is standing by here, but actually Fate comes along with a shove. A hearty push of information, of observation, it’s obvious what you should do.

*the sartorialist

Jupiter @ 17 degrees squares a 17 degree Mercury, North Node at 24 Gemini, squares the Sun/Moon conjunction at 24 Virgo. It’s precise, and most likely tangible, not abstract.

We are tasked with creating, for the joy of it, out of necessity and because we need to share. A beautiful vision is born fully formed. Something arrives all of a sudden and manages to be good for everyone. Not easy, good.

Let’s highlight the bravery of the small gesture, one that can be made simply and with an open heart.

Look at the incredible shapes we make and the joy we still have access to. Aren’t we allowed our joy as essential, as the essential impossible reality of breath? Of consciousness? Is consciousness itself perhaps endowed with spacious and joyful awareness? Is our joy our freedom?

Where there is breath, there is life, two lungs and a heart, that’s how we like to do it.

I recently read something scientific to the tune of a black hole which somehow coordinates with a star cluster to have what is being described as a heartbeat, two heart beats together: call and response. I read something else that told me about the heartbeats of trees, a pulse, slowly, slowly, but actually real.

Let’s breathe now, imagining the multiplicity of organisms breathing with us. Their hearts reverberating in times and tempos throughout the cosmos. In every way you are indivisible from the limitless power of creation.

There is no way to meaningfully separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you. In every conceivable imagining, we are in this place together. Let’s take another breath. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!



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