Full Moon: Gemini/Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse @8 degrees. November 30, 2020

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Neptune turned direct only yesterday! Mars is on a roll. 

Way back on May 22, 2020, a New Moon in Gemini sent us on our way, and here we are at the Full Moon In Gemini, with extra sauce: It’s an ECLIPSE. 

So what just happened? In a sense, we find out. Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon: Aren’t you curious??

The Lunation brings information. Mercury in Scorpio sextiles Jupiter, Saturn, & Pluto. 

Clarity, as well as a duality of vision, with Neptune involved we may even hit kaleidoscopic: things are speeding up!

Bernard Phillips wrote this one:

Reality is Always Freshly Born

The more successful a technique, the more it is guaranteed to produce certain results.

But reality can never be known in advance.

Creativity is not a matter of just applying know-how in order to achieve ends that have been figured out in advance.

Indeed, we may say that if you know what to do in any situation, it’s the wrong thing.

Living truth has to be created in the act of living and even the means have to be created in the act of giving ourselves to the task.

If you know what to say, it’s a lie.

If you know how to teach, you’re a propagandist.

If you know how to compose a verse, you’re not a poet.

If you know how to get along with your husband or wife, you’re not really married, you’re simply applying psychology.

(If you know how to heal your client, you’re not a real therapist)

Reality is not gained by know how.

Reality is always freshly born.

Whenever a relationship or action is real, it is being created and re-created from moment to moment.

The real question is not what to do, but

How can I give myself more completely to the situation, to the task, to the person at hand?

As one learns how to give oneself more and more unreservedly, one is led step by step and 

Discovers what to do –

Idea 1: No one’s needs are being met, how do you continue to grow and thrive while fully and deeply not getting what you need?

Idea 2: The universe does not owe you fertile soil at this moment. 

I think we are being planted in the rocks and it is our weediness, our wildness, that will be our survival.

The New Moon plants a seed and the Full Moon draws out what’s inside. Magnified now because it’s the ECLIPSE ZONE. Here we go: Let’s flip the script. 

A couple of weeks ago, circa the New Moon in Scorpio you discovered/remembered that you can NEED again, you want things, people, situations, don’t you?

Even with a plan, and even without one. Even without a legit 5 year plan. 

Desire. We didn’t get everything we needed, not with that Venus Saturn square, but wasn’t it interesting, wasn’t it motivating, to remember how to want?!

To have that ache, that ache that wakes you up, as tho for a 3am glass of water. Thirst to make you move, to make a change. Do you realize now you will be brave in the days ahead?

Some bits of actual information or practical puzzle pieces play out on a large scale. These little changes, take us from 0 to 60: blink blink blink: watch and learn. 

Beautiful amatures, that’s what it looks like. I do believe we will take what we know, and try. 

Something is shifting, a road or two opens up in the mist. Sagittarius is on a journey, is building a story, there is an endless “and then what….” Some way or another we are cut loose to pursue new attachments, new developments.  What we get is not so much a plot twist as it is a tiny baby revelation. New Born: let’s stumble into it, let’s be forced to discover what we really don’t know. And as something is eclipsed: it may be gone. 

Here comes a vortex. 

Let’s all take a breath together now. Let’s take a breath where we can relax into all the parts we don’t know. Some are revealed and some as yet, are hidden, unspoken. Deliberately? Maybe. We don’t know all of what it is we are losing. We don’t know what’s ahead. Not really. Let’s breathe in this idea of welcoming whatever sort of knowledge makes its way to our awareness. If it’s a shock, let it in. 

In every conceivable way, you are indivisible from the limitless power of creation. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us. 


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