Full Moon In Aquarius July 23, 2021

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Painting by Randy Conner

It’s emo in a detached way. It’s dramatic and a little sexy. There is an appetite to it, a relationship to desire. It matters what tho, it’s not an anything goes moment, but rather a time where specific chances might be taken, or some long withheld words might finally make an appearance. It could be a good night to have some fun.

It’s the first of two Aquarius Full Moons in a row, this is one at 1 degree Aquarius and the next at 29.

The suggestion here is that a culmination resulting in a new state of affairs either takes two tries, or that the change we are seeking is so large, so encompassing that one revolution will not do. Both moons are essentially “good” … whatever that means. The benevolent outweighs the trauma, or in this case the change.

Both Aquarius full moons describe an unexpected result, or potentially some wish fulfillment. A newborn surprise.

The rulers of Aquarius spend this year at war, or at least in conflict. Saturn squares Uranus, you hear that again and again, so what does it mean?

Both signs rule Aquarius.

We seem to be talking about how to arrive at the structure of the NEW. Both as a society and as individuals. The societal questions follow longer arcs, but on a personal level we can say that where you find Saturn square Uranus in your chart, you describe a conflict. A new way to handle some specifics is trying to be born.

It could be a conflict between who you are, and what you do for a living, or between your primary relationship and your day to day responsibilities, or between what you owe and your freedom

or between your fear and letting your voice be heard… there are many combinations, but perhaps you are beginning to get a sense…

What we are up to is creating a channel: a new “way” for it to be. And when I say IT, I mean YOU.

We can’t do this without accidents and experiments. This is real, so real. I’m going to stop and say it again.

We can’t do this without accidents and experiments, hunches and risks, not all of them yours, but all of them yours to grow through.

What we know about accidents and experiments is they expose our soft underbellies, our weakness, they do this, by exposing our habits.

When we respond to a surprise, we often do so from our current set of habitual skills.

It is time to get in peak condition for change.

One thing that we talked about last time was accepting our actual priorities. When you know what you really care about, you are far, far ahead of the game.

And yet, and this is a big AND YET Aquarius demands that we leave room for the irrational, and that we accept loss. The loss we accept is, as of yet, unquantifiable.

We don’t get to know how much or even how completely we are losing in the places we let go. Is that tough to swallow?

Well yes. Yes it is.

We can’t do without this bit, and the why of it we won’t know until later.

Accept the risk.

Neither Leo nor Aquarius wants to be ordinary, and in truth, neither wants to change.

They both work with a relationship to a fixed or rigid point, to which they apply or suffer a spark!

As both scientists and performers know, there is a moment where things have suddenly gotten out of hand, and by this I mean, they have come alive.

Unpredictability is the gift of everything that grows. Where there is growth there is mutation, divergence, alteration, uncertainty. Uncertainty predates what is often called progress, and which easily describes the unsteady joy, the movement toward revelation that forces a risk.

What is most striking about anything we perceive as irrational or outside the norm, is that it’s another way of describing our humanity. It’s how, it’s why we are not machines.

Leo is the star and Aquarius the visionary, the outcast, the iconoclast.

Our full Moon on July 23 is a happenstance that is a gift, and it echoes and brings to life the themes of your Saturn Uranus Square.

So do this: Include your joy. It’s not supposed to be a life that is remade with you as an afterthought, and these next few moons will encourage you to put your whole self in.

One of the questions we are tasked with, or the struggle we can’t seem to shake is how can we begin an entirely new life without disrespecting or dismantling what has come before?

Is there a way to preserve the value, the tradition, the essentially needed and at least partially wholesome structure of what we have learned to use as our framework, while acknowledging that none of us can grow if it continues?

I mean, is there?

Acknowledging that the current structure is essentially outdated and/or placibolic as it stands, that the current formation of the structure of our lives does not allow for the individuation that is already happening, that is fundamentally unstoppable, we can only allow then, that a new structure is needed, and it grows here already without the complete abandonment of the old.

It happens because it’s happening.

2021 and 2022 are bridges. Saturn squares Uranus, it does not trine, it does not oppose. This suggests that a continual friction is needed. We will do all of it. We will do some of it. We will mix and match. This year and the next we work toward our changes. We bend for them, fight for them, speak plainly and do not falter if we are misunderstood. ..

The full moons of July 23 and August 22 show us a vision of the future. Or perhaps they bring us that much further in. We must include this, they seem to say. We won’t get there without JOY, and we won’t get there without POWER.

Like David Mamet said once upon a time before he became a Trump supporter : Things Change.

Listen to this wonderful Q and A with the frequently misrepresented Toni Morrison.

Q: How do you survive whole in a world where we’re all victims of something?“

Ms. Morrison: Ummm, how do you survive whole–I can’t do this quickly, for one–how can you survive whole and when we’re victims of something, um. You know that’s a nice fat, eastern/western philosophical question about ‘how do you get through’?

Sometimes you don’t survive whole, you just survive in part. But the grandeur of life is that attempt, it’s not about that solution.

It is about being as fearless as one can, behaving as beautifully as one can, under completely impossible circumstances. It’s that, that makes it elegant. Good is more interesting. More complex, more demanding.

Evil is silly. It may be horrible but at the same time it’s not a compelling idea: it’s predictable, it needs a tuxedo, it needs blood, it needs fingernails, it’s all that costume, in order to get anybody’s attention.

But the opposite, which is survival, blossoming, endurance, those things are just more compelling intellectually, if not spiritually and they certainly are spiritually. This is a more fascinating job.

We are already born. We are going to die. So you have to do something interesting that you respect in between.–

Jim Harrison writes – Beware, O wanderer, the road is walking too.-

And that’s a wonderful way to envision this next bit of time, we are putting ourselves in motion, in a world quite literally in motion. There is no retreat now… it’s a beautiful experiment or at least one that arrives with a gif

More and more we can allow ourselves to be enlarged by our circumstances. In our expansiveness, we can experience some freedom.

To breathe freely, go ahead and invite the new into your life. Aquarius is air, fresh air, fresh dreams, a new vision of what is possible.

Let’s take a breath together, all of us in motion, all of us inseparable from each other, inseparable from the limitless power of creation itself. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.


Love YOU!!!


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