Full Moon in Scorpio, April 26th, 2021

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We will feel this one coming from very far away… even now. Along with all the feels, expect breakdowns and tech glitches.

Break thru and scale back. The Full Moon is a big reveal.

The organic shape that love makes is not without complications. What is seduction after all, but the lure of the hidden, the promise of the partially revealed.

Full Moons bring to light what has been implied but not spoken, unseen, and now for this one the weight is with Taurus: Taurus Sun, Taurus Mercury conjunct Venus, and Uranus.

The tipping point between what we possess, and what we desire… Do you have to give something up to get your needs met? Can you bring your feelings into the open?

The natural shape of beauty will emerge as its own asset, to assert its own value unhindered. Saturn slows here but does not stop.

It’s something of a revelation. Some pressure to be good, to be real, to speak your heart, and own your values.

Taurus is not only fertile ground, she is beauty, the flower, not pure, instead, full of desire, about to be pregnant with summer’s riches and luxuriant for her own sake.

Taurus wants to be wanted, Scorpio Moon can take care of that for her.

Conception is by nature impure.

One thing enters another, altering what it is, and what it is capable of.

Growth is not linear, it’s orgasmic.

Trauma stunts growth (we say,) and IT DOES, but doesn’t it also propel you?

Consume you?

A Catalyst, a catapult even, the place you make a choice, or refuse one. Have one made for you.

If you put the baby in the bathwater, does she ever really come out again?

That’s how baptism works, washed once, you can’t unbless.

The embrace in the sky we witness is late night creation magic. It’s the marriage bed of Taurus and Scorpio, what we possess as ourselves, and what we come to possess together.

The intangibles are highlighted and perhaps messy. Sometimes with Scorpio (at least emotionally, there are three or more people in the bed.) Again, the intangibles, the air is thick with them! Here too, the surprises!

Pluto stations retrograde, the vibe is immense. Think of it as a mile marker. We have come (plutonically) this far, and now we make camp. Set up our tent and explore the territory.

Our lunation is a map of the terrain. Here. Here is where we have journeyed to. Here is a place we will spend some time.

– Where ?- you might say

Some of us will have left home in some way, or be prepared, or preparing to give up the known for the unknown, because we see necessity in our revelation.

What you need, may or may not give you what you want, at least now you know, and can speak.

As human conception happens, there is actually a tiny electrical spark. Scientists have photographed this, god knows how, but you can find the images if you look. We are born of a tiny fire, an alchemical light which flares combining what has been, with what will be. Flower, Fruit, Fruition. Aren’t you the best of your parents, the worst?

There is no purity now, nor was there ever. Extremes set the place for compromise, for you, who one way or another, must live out the life that sparks between need and desire.

Plenty of pressure on this Full Moon and as close as we’ve come to clarity in a hot minute.

Knowing what you know now, feeling how you feel now, be generous, to yourself, to others, to the swirl of complications that will later be described as circumstance.

It’s a good day to be born if you are a revelation. That’s our Full Moon.

As we breathe in now, we can feel our breath sustaining us. It just happens, the air enters our body and becomes our body. You are very much alive and every bit of you is in motion. There are no meaningful separations between the molecules that surround you and the molecules that describe you. We are all alive together. I’m so glad you are here alive and breathing with us.

Love YOU!!!


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