Jupiter in Crab!    

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*the incredible and insanely talented Souther Salazar

Now it’s in style to have feelings. Wit will not win without emotion.


Jupiter in Crab:

Big Mama, Personal Justice, Traveling with Children?

Protective, Expansive, Kind Hearted, Encouraging…

What does she want?

She wants to pay for your travel, she is going to foot the bill for college,

she will even threaten to stop feeding you if you don’t get a job!

She wants you to GROW.

Jupiter in Cancer is extended family,

adopted cousins that are no real relation, that courtesy aunt.

It’s the party where everyone is welcome!

Feeling at home when you travel,

keeping your home on your back, a bent for anthropology.

The local food is delicious.

It’s when going to the corner store is an adventure.

Genealogy excites you. It’s your travel journal, going native,

and returning to the faith and traditions of your youth.

It’s Humans of New York!

Jupiter in Cancer loves everyone!

And the aspects it makes are potent!


You can not really get short changed by this transit.

Food as spiritual sustenance.

Painters and writers, sculptors and seamstresses everyone creative

gets a boon, a show in a far off city,

or an international collector, a chance to travel, a seminar…?

It’s when an antique turns out to be valuable.

You win a pie contest. You bring a friend to church.

Your enchiladas verdes are a big hit in Scandinavia.

Jupiter in Cancer is the blessing of acceptance.

You know who has Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in Crab?

Nelson Mandela that’s who!

Seriously! North Node/Asc in Sag.

Generosity of Spirit!

He’s got a Scorpio Moon too.

Water Power!

In the USA, that shopworn phrase -international melting pot-

It’s where you treat friends as family


An enthusiastic return to the values of your youth?

Or a brave departure to the unknown?

Cancer is fantastically good at relocation based on personal needs,

and with Jupiter in Crab, we are just like those hermit-crab creatures

if your house is too small, get moving, anywhere can look like home.

In love and money, what this transit wants is AUTHENTICITY.

Show your heart, follow your passions, trust what you know.

A key word combo for is Emotional Honesty.

LISTEN to what is unspoken.

With the Grand Trine in Water, every intuition is on your side.

Early on Jupiter will be challenged by Uranus and Pluto.

Evil family power moves? A catapult straight to the top?

A brutal shock just where you don’t need one?

Either way,

There is abundant support to cope.


Jupiter Exalted in Cancer does not mean we get what we want!

Nor does it mean we get what we deserve.

Jupiter is not even kind of concerned with those types of energies.

It means we will have a way open to us, and the truth will be evident.

A path will appear for us to follow.

Jupiter wants us to surpass, to go beyond what we know.

To enlarge our family.

To love our neighbors and their strange way of doing things.

Jupiter in Cancer is the acceptance of life,

Undeniable birth and nourishment.

How we grow through care.

Jupiter in Cancer favors adoption.

A baby is found in a reed boat by the river…

This is the beginning of a story that will take a long time to tell.

It takes a very determined imagination to ignore the signs and symbols,

but we all of us have done it,

to see what we want to see over and instead of what is really happening.

Pay attention, Wise Up!


Miracles are promised under the Grand Trine, and miracles we shall have.

BUT we are not writing the script!

We get no say whatsoever in who does what!


Trust is the key for all Water signs.

Not only being trustworthy yourself

-not so hard-

but trusting in your life, allowing yourself to realize what you already know, and…

and this is tough for the cardinal crew,

Trusting that someone else knows what is best for them.

Once more:

Trusting that someone else knows what is best for themselves

and loving them even when you disagree.

Loving their autonomy, just as you love your own.

Still Strong. Still Safe.

Freedom and Justice (Jupiter)

for those you LOVE with all your bighearted devotion (Cancer)

no, I’m not afraid of cheese! + I actually danced to this at a family reunion!

yeah I did!

one more for the Mercury Retro in Crab!

you know it!

Love YOU!!!



If you’re short ideas or inspiration, if you want to activate your luck,

Go SWIMMING! Jump in a boat! Take a walk by the river!

Spend the day at the seaside!

Not kidding! Try it and see!

2 Responses to Jupiter in Crab!

                            Tam says:       
                June 27, 2013 at 12:34 am       
    Wow love the river painting and the entire post. I can’t believe “what you won’t do for love” came out in 1978. I must be getting old! <3

                            o_lightning says:       
                June 27, 2013 at 3:37 pm       
    Hey Tam!!

    Thanks!! I think Souther Salazar is so talented!! Awww you are not old, You are the perfect age right now! What you won’t do for love is one of those songs that just must have been on all the time, and I never noticed, but somehow I know the whole thing inside and out. I love it! <3 xox



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