Last Podcast of the old ‘Scope for the New Moon in Aquarius January 21 2023,  & a little bit of an overview of our year ahead. 

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What is that old timey expression? The cat is out of the bag. I don’t know why we are carrying cats in bags, but certainly better out than in. 

Mercury has come direct a few days before, and squares Jupiter besides. With Aquarius our individuality is showing.

It’s a commitment with no holding back. At last. At last we begin as we have become. 

As we accept where we are and where we have been, a trajectory seems to open up, even if that looks like wide open space. 

Where did your Mars retrograde take you back to? And where are you now?

This year represents a real departure from the last 3 years that have come before. 

No more logjam. Stagnancy itself is taking a vacation. More will grow in this Rabbit year than last year’s pouncing Tiger. Last year you jumped when you had to. 

THIS year you can open to potential and possibilities. Less fear, less -what if!?!?!?!-  and More what if…… 

on that note: 

I want to tell you that the podcast is ending… I feel a little bit of a criminal saying so, but this is our last episode. 

I feel extremely privileged to have been with you and Sibyl, and Satori, and Johnny for this time of transition, and I hope it has made some storms lighter, or brought value to your experience one or another way.. Goodness knows I’ll miss you, but I won’t be hard to find. 

I’m open for projects, sliding scale consults.  And a newsletter, videos or something similar is 100 percent in the works… The lightning & co website with Satori is finally open….  Sibyl can be found at 7 Daughters, and in this new year something fresh is sure to grow

It seems we have made it to shore after a strange river crossing, and it’s time for us all to stand up, stretch, and perhaps even kiss the ground. We landed, even if we have miles to go… so many miles! My GOD so many many miles, we are on land now at least. 

And the path that opens up before us winds us through our year of the water Rabbit. 2023 has no shortage of obstacles along our way, but it’s ever so much simpler. And although late summer/early fall will certainly present some of us with supreme delays or indecision, the overall bent of the year is direct.  We are going or being taken somewhere, somewhere we may in fact eventually settle in, if such a thing is possible, somewhere we can grow in 2024, and as we travel this path, a set of concerns are revealed to us that will engage us for a long time. 

How long? 20 years. And if you are as old as I am, the next 20 years may seem like everything. What will we find this year? What could it be?

Two weeks ago I wrote about going back to the past to get something, something you couldn’t move forward without. Perhaps it was a message from the Full Moon in Crab about how you feel on the inside ? 

Did you walk into the space it opened? What was there, amid the nonsense and distraction of typical full moon shenanigans, of which we had PLENTY, Anything? Something?

Whatever it was, take heart and take it with you. 

This New Moon in Aquarius is not only about our future, it’s about a commitment we make to ourselves as valuable, free, in motion and full of Joy. If that seems like a big ask, fear not, it’s just part of what happens. Is there a cost to it? Well yes, there is a cost to everything on this material plane. Set your priorities. It’s a big picture moon. 

You may even, if you want to, show or give your commitment to someone or something. There is a longing  in our collective imagination. What you do or say now, you do because it’s time to create. 

Uranus turns direct on January 22nd. 

It seems that now is a good time to walk you through the transits of our year, and maybe as I bring them up, Satori, Sibyl and I can all talk about them? 

How does that sound?


1) Saturn in Pisces: 

The first thing I think of is

building ethereal or imaginative worlds in Art, like as though a literal place that seems real for people, like Narnia, Hogwarts or Middle Earth

Telling stories that embody faith

 We will see some increased legalization of Nature Drugs of course

Gorgeous music, because it’s the structure: Saturn, to create: dreams: Pisces

Especially glamorous dreams. 

People take drugs to escape, or if they have had a long term problem get clean or die

Some of your favorite Pisces artists may create something profound and enduring. They may need to withdraw to do so or take up more space or both. Earth and other water signs too. But it’s energy anyone can tap into… we can create whole other worlds.

It’s also very good at the protection of those who can’t protect themselves. 

For example: 

The FDA no longer requires all drugs to be tested on animals before they can be tested on humans. After all humans can consent, right? 

Oh! And there was a gathering of 64 thousand green sea turtles, which I really don’t know why, or also how did they count them?? But I’m super into it. 


Jupiter will race though Aries, and then take his time in Taurus, which only seems right. 

While in Aries, Venus conjuncts  Jupiter in Aries and delivers prizes for the end of February.

For Jupiter in Taurus we want to relax, to enjoy, and these priorities will help such things as the… labor movement & Quiet quitting etc…  

Members of the military are now going to get 12 weeks of parental leave

The restaurant Noma Copenhagen is going to close. This has widely been considered the best restaurant in the world, and it recently started paying their interns, who work 12 hour days, and what they discovered is that none of it really works. They use all local produce etc.  What they had to say about their restaurant was the following: “ The labor intensive processes and the punishing schedules needed to execute them simply cannot co-exist with fair, equitable and humane work practices. It’s unsustainable”


One of the biggest pieces of news is that Uranus in Taurus will finally be unimpeded by Saturn.

Before we had Saturn square Uranus: no longer!

We are free to shake it, to mix it up. 

Which means all kinds of things:

 food scarcity, personal freedoms, economic instability, new art! 

New Beauty more authentic beauty standards.. and we have seen a lot of that already, but the trend continues. These trends amplify with Jupiter’s co-presence  in Taurus. 

 Here’s a headline for economic instability:

Elon lost more money than anyone ever. He has lost between $180-200 Billion. 

I mean, he had that much to lose. But maybe he’ll keep losing…

On that same note, but with a flavor of Saturn in Aquarius victories that will be picked up by Pluto in Aquarius Staten Island has the first successfully unionized Amazon warehouse. 

The last time we experienced  Jupiter in Taurus we had occupy wall street, the arab spring, “don’t ask don’t tell” was overturned…  

For 2023,  Jupiter square Pluto on May 17th looks like a moment we may experience as a collective. 

So this year, there is a certain lack of control. Especially when you combine it with Saturn in Pisces which wants to dissolve control anyway, which maybe is necessary. And when we add in Pluto in Aquarius we get something to the tune of: 

As big biz monitors us more than ever, it may be less interesting to keep looking over our shoulders.  

Which brings in our next highlight:


March 23 Pluto slides into Aquarius:

 I read a funny headline that was basically about that. It said:

No alien life discovered on earth, Pentagon says, but search continues. 

Howev NASA’s webb telescope discovered it’s first exoplanet. 

This planet called LHS 475b is about 99% as big as earth, a couple hundred degrees hotter and makes an orbit around its star every 2 days. It’s in the constellation Octans and is 41 light years away. Which I guess is not considered insanely far. 

Meanwhile, Let’s think about:

Increased rules and regulations on every level. 

AND increased defiance of those rules. 

 Here’s one: 

In Missouri’s state house female lawmakers must keep their arms covered. It was actually a woman, Ann Kelley spearheading this change.

 Mexico introduces a total ban on smoking in public places. 

Here’s another: the Electric company Entergy in New Orleans has been ordered by the federal government to refund money they have illegally charged their customers, and Entergy has refused to do so. 

I saw a headline that was “ Are Gas Stoves the New Cigarettes?”

It was about potential federal action banning gas stoves due to the irritants they emit. 

Another theme will be Government and big biz controlling people  via social media as well as the flip side of that:  decentralization of social media.

Perhaps some internet blackouts are in order?


5) Let me give you the Eclipses

And before I get into them, I want to remember to tell you that we have 2 new moons in Aries this year!  One just after the equinox on March 21st at 0 Aries, with a massive Sun/moon/Mercury/Chriron and Jupiter Aries lineup, and one to kick off spring eclipses. That’s a very heavy emphasis on beginnings. 

So for the Eclipses it’s super interesting this year, not the usual thing at all. 

We have this Nodal blending situation and in it we experience Both Venus signs: Libra and Taurus, and both Mars signs: Aries and Scorpio. 

That puts an extra love/money/strategy/war spin

On April 20th we have Solar, that is to say, a new moon eclipse in Aries, with the Sun and Moon conjunct at 29 Aries, while the North node remains at  4 Taurus. 

Then two weeks later on May 5th a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Scorpio at 14 degrees, so in close opposition to Uranus in Taurus at 18 degrees That’s a big boom too, 

Our fall series of eclipses begins October 14th with a new moon Libra south node eclipse at 21 Libra with the Nodes at 24

Then we are back to Taurus for a full Moon Partial Eclipse in Scorpio October 28. For that one our Luminaries are at 5 degrees, with nodes still at 24 Aries for the north node, and 24 Libra is our south.  

6) Late Summer/Early fall Retro-Madness

The Venus retrograde is in Leo begins July 22- and goes through September 3rd and it does look fierce!  

During the time between August 23 and September 3 we experience a series of overlapping retrogrades that include Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Venus is direct on September 3rd, and the next to go straight is Mercury on September 15.  

Pluto is actually the first of the non-personal planets to get going on October 11th just in time for Eclipse Season on October 14th. To make that extra potent

Saturn is direct in November, and Jupiter is not until the end of December..

Also, all our Mercury retrogrades are in Earth signs this year, and so maybe a hint is that we are reconsidering concrete practical realities.  What to do?!  Each time we work on specific tangible problems and therefore can hope to experience specific tangible solutions. 


For now, right now, in this now, let’s breathe together.

As you breathe in now, you can feel your breath sustaining you. It just happens, air enters your body and air becomes your body. 

You are very much alive and every bit of you is in motion. There are no meaningful separations between the molecules that surround you and the molecules that describe you. We are all alive together. I’m so glad you are here alive and breathing with us.


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