LEO Full Moon January 28, 2021

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The Full Moon at 9 degrees LEO across from the Aquarius Sun/Jupiter conjunction is violent, high drama, potent, accident prone & too, with Pluto conjunct Venus, it’s potentially heartfelt, sad, traumatic, destructive, and nearly as revelatory as any moment we have seen in recent history.

That said, does it seem to be getting lighter in here?

Are you able to stop arguing with reality and simply cope? Can you open every door you find, without running down the halls or backing away? Can you allow whatever is in there to reveal itself? No rush to judgment. Just turn the key.

As you open these doors, are you also opening the doors to what you habitually hide from yourself, your own elaborate and finely tuned clockwork mechanisms?

Can you use Aquarian energy to decode pattern languages, internal landscapes, whatever fragments and puzzle pieces you have stored behind the infamous door number 3?

Suppose we come apart, and suppose that we continue to live.

In Sum, a collection of fictional stories about the afterlifes, David Eagleman writes,

– …when you die, you are grieved by all the atoms of which you were composed. They hung together for years, whether in sheets of skin or communities of spleen. With your death they do not die. Instead, they part ways, moving off in their separate directions, mourning the loss of a special time they shared together, haunted by the feeling that they were once playing parts in something larger than themselves, something that had its own life, something they can hardly put a finger on.-

Is it possible that as everything crumbles and falls, as we forgo the concept of genuine safety, we might possibly begin to make our way through this unsafe world, one way, or another way, or some way we find after that.

Discarding the idea of an end point is one of the most generous things you can offer yourself at this time.

The brilliance and flexibility we need may actually be available to us.

There is plenty of random, and less and less mirage.

Experimental, direct, accidental, unmediated, we are all of it: fluid, in some cases unfocused, unsure, at a juncture that is no longer a crossroads, but more of a cross section. It’s an entanglement, a multiplicity.

From this integrated perspective on our habitat we can emerge with a simpler style of interaction.

Abandon judging the optics of any given situation. Well, you might consider the optics if others will use them to get in your way, but no more thinking about

-If I do this what does it mean about me?-

That way of thinking is done like dinner gets done. IT’S DONE. This, all of this, even your own life “this” is not about you in that way. You are not writing a story with your life that is currently decipherable to you, by you…

You may be, you should be writing a story with your life that is beginning to be interesting to you.

You have a stake in the outcome, but what it says about you, what it means?


What’s on offer now is sudden and occasional clarity, frequent confusion, an abundance of perspectives that don’t resolve into immediately actionable steps, along with questionable and immediately actionable steps that stem from pure necessity, precision within chaos, emotional upheaval or wounding, frustration, and a genuine chance to exercise self control. Why? Because crisis, that’s why.

It’s blood and guts for this one! Newsflash: self control is not anyone’s favorite exercise, no matter what type of fitness freak you are.

All the same, it feels fantastic when you nail it. You CHOOSE your response. No need to fake a single thing. Don’t light up any bridge you don’t want burnt all the way down. Strategy should be pragmatic. Use it.

Richard Sicken writes –

-Imagine that the world is made out of love. Now imagine that it isn’t. Here is a story where everything goes wrong, here is a story where everyone has their back against the wall, here is a story where everyone is in pain and acting selfishly because if they don’t, they’ll die. Here is a story, not of good and evil, but of need against need against need, where everyone is at cross-purposes and everyone is to blame. How are you supposed to fall asleep to this?-

That’s just it. You are not supposed to fall asleep to this, and you mustn’t believe that it is possible to know what the world is made of. It’s all true isn’t it? In that same essay Sicken sez:

– The Dali Lama says we are born in bliss and Jesus says we are born in sin. Who are you going to believe?-

Let’s propose once more that we stop arguing with reality, that we cope practically, perhaps ingeniously, turn the lock with the key. Don’t wait. Open the door. See who is inside.

Will you take a deep breath with me now? Can we be exactly where we are?

In the vibrations of your molecules and the vibrations of all the molecules surrounding you there are no genuine separations. You breathe in and what you need becomes part of you. We are endlessly connected, endlessly entwined, deeply and completely inseparable from the limitless power of creation. I’m so glad to be connected to you. I’m so glad that you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!!



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