May 24, 2016, Mars Retrograde, Jupiter square Saturn,

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Who is the God that smites with one hand and rewards with the other?

Isn’t it the God of ordinary life?

It takes a pantheon to raise a village these days,

as we are continually being saved and drowning,

so much, so fierce, so sweet, so sorry, so late, so lucky, and so hopeless.

So often, so soon, so deep.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Virgo

We question our moral life, the legalities,

and as Mars tips back to Scorpio,

ethical situations raised by our lineage, in micro (inheritance) and macro (ethnicity) are the stories now.


Inheritance on every level,

psychological,ideological, physical, unexamined preferences and suppositions

Along with transgressions,

which boundaries are crossed, is there a legal component?

An illegal component?

Money, in all of it’s threads and tendrils, power that becomes the shape of what is possible.

Desire linked to possibility.

Possibility liked to sex. Potential intimacy establishing clan.

Who are the US, in US and Them?

Venus moves to Gemini, chasing the Sun while opposed by Mars.

It’s the tease, the potential power shift  via conversation/information

Unspoken rules, and unspoken plot lines, thick with implication,

you make moves, unwittingly establish dynamics, among friendships and family alliances.


look up, look out, look sharp.

The chess game plays out, you participate because you have to.

Every move that is not a move is a move.

You can and will be recorded.

The cards are being reshuffled.

Check your hand and check the deck.

Capricorn Moon today, not so much mercenary as conservative.

Hierarchy is a cornerstone. Let it be.


Love YOU!!!



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