Neptunian Death Wish and the Inverted Ego    

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This one is for the Neptunian Starlets, Pisces, a certain stripe of Virgo, anyone with an angular or active Neptune signature, classic Venus-Neptune, Venus in the 12th, and the Venus-Saturn’s, a roughly placed Virgo Venus, some Cappy Moons, a difficult Chiron combo, those of you who had to work for your love, like you would sing for your supper. 

Those of you who have had to PAY.

Oh, there are other stripes of Neptuners… and Venus/Saturn configurations…there are special flowers who never try for fear of failure…there are folks looking for the perfect mate…

(shhh… they are scared of people, themselves most of all!)… 

There are Plutonians with their appetites for Absolute Intensity…Jupiter and Uranian Freedom Freaks, who love Frying Pans and Fire! Desperate Measures Control Mongers of various calibrations.

You can have a multiple diagnosis, I personally, am filed under more than one category! We will get to some of these over time… 

For true, this one goes out to those who form relationships with people who have ~ BIG PROBLEMS ~  If it pertains to you, you will know.

if it pertains to you, you will know…


Don’t get me wrong. There are Fantastic, Good, and Beautiful uses of Neptune and Venus-Saturn Energy. 

And yet…

Prominent Neptune Creates a Lack of Boundaries. 

It collapses the space between me and you. When you love someone with MASSIVE PROBLEMS, what you get is the fulfillment of a deeply held Death Wish and a simultaneous Ego Boost.  

Oh Yes.


Who has problems? ~ They do.

What are you going to do? ~ Help them out.

Who is sick ?  ~ They are.

What are you doing with your life? ~ Helping.

Who is healthy? ~ Well naturally someone as modest as I am wouldn’t want to say… but in comparison… why, I’m not doing too badly… 

A Death Wish? 

As anyone who has played this game knows, when you love someone severely damaged, You Have No Life.

As anyone who has played this game knows,

when you love someone severely damaged, you have no life.


Now, In Defense of Neptunian Starlets.

Likely you have been schooled in this art by a parent type. There are REASONS you feel you must sacrifice, REASONS you don’t want to be seen. Completely valid! This was the art of defense! 

To those who have been promised love, if they just give up every shred of themselves, there is hardly anything more you need to say… ( “Did someone say love? At some point I will receive love? I’m in. I thought it would never happen. Someone is going to love me.

Self? What self? When you have been allowed none, the Self can be surprisingly hard to find. And there is no one who casts a romantic spell, like “The Damaged”. Wherever do they find those Hearts of Pure Gold that they take out once yearly, to Love You with?

Yes, little old (Venus-Saturn) you… And all you have to do is Give Them Every Drop of Your Blood, which you weren’t planning on using anyway, because really, they NEED IT. They truly need it.

And you? ~Why, you are made of Air and Magic, and need nothing, nothing at all~

It’s just, it does get lonesome sometimes in prison, and I swear a year has gone by since I last glimpsed that golden heart, and there was, surely there was… once upon a time, something I wanted…

At what Juncture Do You Seek Ownership of Your Life?  

It is yours, and even if you can’t see it, someone else can! 

This is part of the paradox: You do have to care for others, you were made for it! A natural healer.  On the real, your freedom lies in accepting your call to service. (Just never mix biz with pleasure).

Is the tipping point when you, flawed as you may be, are more valuable than ANYTHING, Any Dream, that anyone could give you? Your individual consciousness which has been with you all along; your spark meets air at some point along the journey, and the fire in your belly begins to grow… You want to be seen. 

Yeah you do. You deserve to be loved. Actually loved. Even if you are not pretty, even if it seems you have so very very far to go. At some point this is no longer a mumbled platitude, but a simple fact, like “Some clouds are pretty.”

~ Some clouds are pretty, some summer days are hazy, I deserve to be seen and loved. ~

Oh it is still easy to feel like you don’t exist, but it’s a trick, like blinking, sure it goes dark when you close your eyes, but when you open them, voilà: you can see.

It may take work (Saturn) to bring this to fruition, but it’s possible, yes it’s possible, for you to live your own real life.


~ There truly are fantastic, good, and beautiful uses of Neptune and Venus-Saturn Energy ~ 

We know this. Transcendence, Faith, Independence, Beautiful Work, Sincerity, Value, Trust, Dedication. 

I know, that you know, that I know, that you know, that I know, that you know, what I mean.

We Are ALL Too Young to Die, and We’ve Got Work To Do!

Love YOU !!!!


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