New Moon Eclipse in Gemini June 10, 2021

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Please please please stop everything and go check out painter Khari Turner.

New Moon Eclipse in Gemini June 10, 2021

What kind of beginning is it? Conflicted. Magical. A Return.

Painful, Beautiful, Potent and Strong.

Gemini wants to know.

Isn’t that the main thing with Gemini? To find out… to turn over the other side of the coin, take a look at the flipside?

In Gemini we play, we compose, and importantly we explore. Can we not leave every question unasked? Is that it?

Can we move ahead without looking behind, oh I don’t think so! Not today, not this time. We want to try it… whatever it is, and we won’t, we can’t go on without learning more.

Do you remember when our year of the Metal Ox began in February, and we had both a Mercury retrograde and a New Moon in the Air sign of Aquarius?

Here we are again almost as if astrology were a spiral?!

This October, October 6, 2021, we will have another Air sign New Moon, in, you guessed it, Libra! Where the Sun, Moon, Mars and a retrograde Mercury, (in tight aspect to Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and Uranus), join forces to tell us we are moving ahead, definitively, in ways both painful, hopeful, & UNSURE.

All year we look backward, sideways, and work with what we imagine might become possible. It’s messy, and I can only suppose we need it messy.

What do you think? It’s quite a year!

What I said in February was the following:

– We are cultivating more powerful problems. A surprise is guaranteed. There is a kiss, and a dream, or a lie, a chance to go back and fix an old storyline. This is where we begin to correct our mistakes, which as you know, sometimes involves making more of them.

The future is shaping itself strangely, into absolutely fresh configurations, and as it happens, as you move ahead with plans and choices, your beginnings may emerge under blurry impressions, almost a shadow or storm that could be described as an inadequate or misleading series of truths, and yet, and yet, and yet… there are truths, these are truths here, aren’t they? This time can be used almost as though fixing a dropped stitch in the fabric of creation.

So now for our Gemini Eclipse, will the same themes appear? It depends on what you have done already, but you could say so!

Cultivating more powerful problems,

(you’ll hear that from me again)

What could it mean?

Something, some series of experiences that attempt to tie our experience of reality to our understanding of it.

Zbigniew Herbert writes:

I would like to describe the simplest emotion

joy or sadness

but not as others do

reaching for shafts of rain or sun

I would like to describe a light

which is being born in me

but I know it does not resemble

any star

for it is not so bright

not so pure

and is uncertain

I would like to describe courage

without dragging behind me a dusty lion

and also anxiety

without shaking a glass full of water

to put it another way

I would give all metaphors

in return for one word

drawn out of my breast like a rib

for one word

contained within the boundaries

of my skin

but apparently this is not possible

and just to say — I love

I run around like mad

picking up handfuls of birds

and my tenderness

which after all is not made of water

asks the water for a face

and anger

different from fire

borrows from it

a loquacious tongue

so is blurred

so is blurred

in me

what white-haired gentleman

separated once and for all

and said

this is the subject

this is the object

we fall asleep

with one hand under our head

and with the other in a mound of planets

our feet abandon us

and taste the earth

with their tiny roots

which next morning

we tear out painfully

So entwined. Another big beginning.

Our Messenger journeys back to 16 degrees, where once upon a time, on May 22, an idea about balance, about structure, about memory took shape.

It seems we need another look there, what has changed? What is it we want to make sure to say? To know… to understand? Is there something that was left out of the equation? A connection? We include it now, and in the days to come. A rescue mission, or an exploratory venture.

A New Moon at 19 Gemini, with Mercury retrograde at 20, a multifaceted beginning, an Eclipse.

Amass the elements… any shiny detail may be of use at any point… a fragment, or a simple choice, an emotional impulse turns now to be a key, unlocking the doors, illuminating the structure of our puzzles and therefore a doorway itself?

A key which is a door? Does that sound like a young adult fantasy novel? That’s where we are with Gemini; eternal teenagers opening magic doors, by way of a beginning with something we remember… a feeling.

Jupiter in Pisces believes not only in the impossible, but the imperfectly true, the wish… the wondering… it’s the part of the story where we wander down the hallway we’ve been told to forget, and open the door with a somewhat hidden lock… Longing could be part of it… or uncovering what we realize was discarded too soon… our emotions are a driver here… something is missing where can we find…

What will we find?

Gemini doesn’t tell us, Gemini is the question, but as I can see the answers, I’ll tell you part of it; Simple, we find a missing piece of the structure of our future. We can’t move ahead without it. Go back.

As we look, I’d like to suggest that we are looking for the story underneath the story… Or perhaps it’s the shape of the story if you were to see it from far away, from above, or… more like the story we breathe in as we close our eyes … The story our mind makes when something opens to us, a vista, or a vision, a memory. We remember.

And as we do, we dream ahead into what is possible with what we go back now to collect… I suppose the key finds the door if you keep looking Cinderella style, but it will be easier if you let it happen like taming a wild creature.

Hold out your hand with enticements on offer, but there is no panic here, no frantic search.. you open your mind to your own visions, your own intuitions, you let it come to you, and then the freeze frame is over, and a blurry commingling begins, we start somewhere… here I guess.

I’d like to read to you 4 bits of writing from the man who may be my favorite author, he’s one of the best, anyway… Roberto Bolaño. Roberto writes:

1 -That’s what art is, he said, the story of a life in all its particularity. It’s the only thing that really is particular and personal. It’s the expression and, at the same time, the fabric of the particular. And what do you mean by the fabric of the particular? I asked, supposing he would answer: Art. I was also thinking, indulgently, that we were pretty drunk already and that it was time to go home. But my friend said: What I mean is the secret story. . . . The secret story is the one we’ll never know, although we’re living it from day to day, thinking we’re alive, thinking we’ve got it all under control and the stuff we overlook doesn’t matter. But every damn thing matters! It’s just that we don’t realize. We tell ourselves that art runs on one track and life, our lives, on another, we don’t even realize that’s a lie.-

2 -You have to know how to look even if you don’t know what you’re looking for.-

3 -The world is alive and no living thing has any remedy. That is our fortune.-


4 -…the borders he respected were the borders of dreams, the misty borders of love and indifference, the borders of courage and fear, the golden borders of ethics.-

De La Soul has a song, Royalty Capes where poet Gina Loring intones “The sky takes notes when we speak.”

Could that be true? Could that be happening? Could we be collaborating with reality, Jupiter in Pisces style?

I think so…

I’ll leave you with Rebecca Solnit’s writing:

– Everyone is interdependent. Everyone is vulnerable. Everyone is penetrable, and everyone is penetrated incessantly by the vibrations of sound traveling into the inner ear, by the light shining in our eyes and on the surface of our bodies, by the air we must never stop breathing, by the food and water we take in, by the contacts that generate sensations that run from the surface of our skin to our brains, by the pheromones and bacteria we transmit imperceptibly to each other by air and contact, by the smells that are tiny particles we have inhaled, by the myriad species of beneficial bacteria in our gut and elsewhere that constitute so vast a portion of a human body that self is something of a misnomer or at least a crowd and maybe a party.

It’s fun to think about that, to consider being a conglomeration, a happening.

Happening now, together, inseparable from the limitless power of creation. Creating endlessly, participating worlessly, as everything happens around, and above, and throughout, and within you. I’m so glad you are listening, I’m so happy you are alive and breathing, here with us.

Love YOU!!!



The things that make us happy make us wise.

– John Crowley


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