New Moon in Aries April 11, 2021 & A Bit About the Year We Are In.

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Brecht sez:

“To those who do not know that the world is on fire, I have nothing to say.”

Compulsive, powerful, karmic, difficult. Promises will be made. Promises will be made with every intention of keeping them. It’s not clear if we do the right thing… but I do think we try.

It may take a bit of a struggle to tune into what that looks like, push past ghosts and false feelings into our deep luck, our right mind. One could make a fairly large blunder here in terms of what should be done… or do the right thing with no grace at all. Nothing here looks like a permanent tragedy tho. We are in motion, we are making a way to move.

The obvious next steps are a bit clumsy but the feeling is there. It’s genuine.

Gather yourself together. The rest of the year is hard. Honestly.

Not hard every minute of every hour of every day, but hard. It’s not been easy, and the overall feeling now, is to ask reality to cut us a break. One way or another way… it just doesn’t do that.

So that’s news. Let’s take a moment to let that one in. Everything does not straighten out and fly right. Not for all of 2021. I mean… there are moments better than other moments, certainly.

and yet… I think it’s important to establish here that this is a year of conflict, of challenge.

Let’s look at it, now that we really are in it. Aries season.

The zodiac has begun one more time. What does it do? What do we do?

Are we fighting? Are we loving?


What in the wide world of desperation and random happenstance is supposed to, is going to, maybe could possibly ummmmmm… happen?

With so much Aquarian energy, it’s easier to say what won’t happen! Aquarius is the rebel, defiant, a subtraction, lightning, a surprise.

What won’t happen?

You won’t be able to move in a sequential straight line without a lot of conflict.

Leaps ahead? Check. Sudden reversals? Check.

Absolutely Shocking surprises?

Oh you know it baby.

We even get a little magic over the summer as Jupiter enters Pisces and grants some watery wishes, but most of the time… I said MOST OF THE TIME, we have to fight for it, surrender, cope, pray, and work.

Actually just do the work. Network too.. It’s not a year to be so isolated as we have been… but in a way… in a very sharp and cutting way, we are all on our own.

Aquarius style.

So what about this beginning then? What about our New Moon at 22 degrees Aries?

Mercury at 14 degrees Aries hovers near Chiron at 9. Venus at 26 degrees Aries blesses us with a sextile from an Aquarian Jupiter at 25. We are able to feel what we desire now, and we may even be able to say it.

Saturn slows but does not stop the conversation, a sextile to Mars in Gemini encourages direct action. Maybe a couple of direct actions… a confusion of direct actions like a murder of crows. Pluto does square that Venus and what comes to mind is the idea of not being provoked.

Actually what comes to mind is being provoked.

Being provoked and using that provocation to tell you something about your hotspots, rather than letting yourself be drawn into situations that you know are not what you want.

Respond, don’t react.

Give yourself time to breathe and sit, with whatever is happening for you.

As you take a moment, allow some inner acumen to tell you the difference between what’s deep, compelling, sexy, or enjoyably taboo, and what may be manipulative, selfish, and all lizard brain, no compassion.

Mars does square Neptune here; if you are not quite sure what to do, write about it, sing about it, listen to music, go for a walk, take a bath, a swim, get out your tarot cards, consult an astrologer…

Your confusion as to the next steps may be a catalyst, and that catalyst may be needed to get you where you want to go.

Here is one from Michael Barata:

– Don’t move like you are chasing or being chased. Move like you are caught in the most beautiful moment, which is right now.-

There is nothing more Aries than the concept of -right now-

Right now, let’s take a breath together. Let’s be here, where we actually are.

In whatever space these words find you, that’s the right space to be.

There are no meaningful separations between your molecules and the molecules that surround you. As breath enters your body, it becomes you and what sustains you. Over and over.

I’m so glad you are alive and breathing, here with us.

Love YOU!!!



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