New Moon in Taurus May 11, 2021

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The incomparable Walter Anderson

We gather sweetness while we can. We need it. Our summer promises some beautiful beginnings, and so many adjustments.

Over and over, in June, July, and August, we will be asked to reassess, to try to understand viscerally, to follow a pattern cerebrally without coldness or calculation… (oh it’s taxing! And possible… we will do it all!)…

We will extend the benefit of the doubt, without compromising our values. We will attempt to release our need to control others, our need to control the outcome… oh… It’s a summer rich with lessons, AND I dare say none of us are aching to be educated at the moment.

Especially not now, after a long winter, not only of deprivation, but of hard choices and humbling realizations, along with a continual reorientation, which epitomizes the Saturn/Uranus square and which we do not abandon.

Dr. Joe Dispenza writes:- The body does not know the difference between an experience and a thought; you can literally change your biology, neuro-circuitry, chemistry, hormones, and genes, simply by having an inner event.-

Therefore, thank God, or nature, thank the universe, right now, thank you, for the first few weeks of May, and this New Moon.

Our New Moon at 21 Taurus only asks us to begin, deliberately, definitively, with a light heart and a quick wit. With the embrace of pleasure for its own sake, and perhaps a bold move because now, you find, it really is time.

All the moments have added up, tipped the sand, and ticked the clock.

We are ready, as ready as we can be, and it won’t be dragons we meet, not at first anyway, our summer saves that for later on.

There will be pleasures in the time to come. Jupiter moving to Pisces on May 14th makes sure of it. As confusing as the Mercury/Neptune squares and retrogrades of later May will turn out to be,here for a moment, we have something else, something we have not seen in a long time.

Compassion, connection, a wish or a wonder that might masquerade as magic… a non-linear journey that opens the doors to softer emotions.

We stop thinking long term for a moment, stop imagining what we will get out of this, or that. We can set down our gawd-awful betterment ethics, and have a glass of wine that is not about the pleasure of sin either.

Do you remember being young enough to answer a question with the word -because- and have it stand for yourself and your own thinking, as an answer?

Because I want to… somehow in May, the mystery extends and the satisfaction of – because- doesn’t stop your curiosity…you keep it, you have it! With Mercury in aspect to Jupiter, we are absolutely curious!

The butterflies we become for a week or two, fly and float, they do not need to land for more than a moment, what they seek is nectar. Simple.

In discussing an Aboriginal concept of time, Tyson Yunkaporta writes,- This will be a challenge because English inevitably places settler worldviews at the center of every concept, obscuring true understanding.For example, explaining Aboriginal notions of time is an exercise in futility as you can only describe it as “nonlinear” in English,which immediately slams a big line right across your synapses.You don’t register the “non”—only the “linear”: that is the way you process that word, the shape it takes in your mind. Worst of all, it’s only describing the concept by saying what it is not, rather than what it is. We don’t have a word for nonlinear in our languages because nobody would consider traveling, thinking, or talking in a straight line in the first place. The winding path is just how a path is, and therefore it needs no name.One man tried going in a straight line many thousands of years ago and was called wamba (crazy) and punished by being thrown up into the sky.This is a very old story, one of many stories that tell us how we must travel and think in free-ranging patterns, warning us against charging ahead in crazy ways.-

Stay Open, stay open. Stay Open and begin practically, no matter how you end up. Begin by satisfying your body, sleep, food, sensuality, sex, even the pleasure of work, done because you love to. Because why not do a good job.

We have come so far and lived through so much.

There is a beautiful poem I want to read to you by Yehuda Amichai called Wildpeace listen:


Not the peace of a cease-fire

not even the vision of the wolf and the lamb,

but rather as in the heart when the excitement is over

and you can talk only about a great weariness.

I know that I know how to kill, that makes me an adult.

And my son plays with a toy gun that knows how to open and close its eyes and say Mama.

A peace

without the big noise of beating swords into ploughshares,

without words, without

the thud of the heavy rubber stamp: let it be

light, floating, like lazy white foam.

A little rest for the wounds – who speaks of healing?

(And the howl of the orphans is passed from one generation

to the next, as in a relay race:the baton never falls.)

Let it come

like wildflowers,

suddenly, because the field

must have it: wildpeace.

Let’s breathe together now. Just being here where we are. Let’s gather strength and sweetness.

Let it in. You need it.

Perhaps this time to come will appear as a tiny adventure, perhaps for a deep moment, not everything is rewards and punishment,( that will be back soon enough,) but for now, perhaps, we open the door to Perhaps.

There are no meaningful separations between the molecules vibrating within your body and the molecules vibrating around you. In every conceivable way you are alive in a living world.

I’m so glad you are here, listening and breathing, with us.

Love YOU!!!



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