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Hey Kittens! 
Sorry I’ve been MIA. I made a video about some of what kept me from you, and then I realized I was so far away from being able to encapsulate all I want to say in that format… long story short:

I had drama for the Leo Moon and more specifically for Uranus square the lights and Mercury conjunct Pluto!  What a time of culminations and what a lot of chaos! LMK if you too had chaos! 

I had a hospital visit, children with diseases, adults with diseases, insurance, credit scores, taxes, tricky interactions with dangerous and well protected criminals. Signing of contracts, breaking of contracts, wire transfers of money both to and from me.  

The swirl of topics that I discussed and encountered ranged from Massachusetts state law, to sexual assault, to more generally how money buys permission to abuse one’s power, reversals of fortune, food scarcity, litigation, legal obligation, family obligation, cross country moving plans, real estate, planning for the death of parents, taboo of children’s mental illness, the exposure of financial lies, the exposure of lies in general, and shifting perspective, as in, the same news is fantastic or a disaster, depending on your position and oddly enough, a few different family members expressed their hopes for our future.  

It was chaotic and incredibly rich and often unpleasant territory. Of course not all of these things occurred in their final form, but trust me that each and every topic made an appearance.

Instead of taking you through that personal tornado of emotive consequences. I think I gotta write out what I see coming for us all:  

As we approach Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius, as we recap what we have learned about ourselves and our capacities, as we stare, whether blinking, or steadfast into the face of whatever evil exists in our sphere unmoved, and we contemplate that it is WE ourselves who have moved, who will move now, and that we will always be the one to move, that our capacity to shape our sphere and our experience does not extend to the moves other people make, that no matter what shows up for good or ill, reality can not be boxed in. Nor can it be manipulated in the way that so many people trying to sell you their mythic or astrological services might suggest.  

Reality can be mapped. It can be coaxed, and if you step, it will step too. As you move, as your vision moves, so the angles of your possibilities alter.  Your surroundings change, very much in the same way they do when you are walking. Or swimming how ‘bout, for the Piscean moment that will be upon us so soon.   
What we see changes as we move to see it.  How does it look from this angle?
How can we observe our lives from inside out? From underneath?  

One of the things Saturn in Pisces makes me think of is failure. Sorry Fishes!!! 


But like, failure as an open door.  

The sort of failure Dean Wareham is singing in that old Luna song: “ If the war is over, and the monsters have won, if the war is over, I’m going to have some fun.” He sings “…all the green green bottles, but it won’t last forever.” 

We, however, don’t have to get drunk. 
 What we have to do is let go of an external measure of our reality.
So maybe we get drunk on something… Or maybe we don’t.  

Can’t, won’t and should not. 

 Maybe a sober external measure of your very internal reality is exactly what Saturn in Pisces will offer you,
or a creative structure; a vision or a chance to achieve your dreams?  

Honestly, it’s both right?  (or even a potential multiplicity)  

At the minimum: Two fish, two directions.   

Pluto in Capricorn has been a lesson on the abuses of authority.

Or wait, was that – the meaning of integrity-? 

You know this one: It’s Casablanca 

Pluto in Aquarius promises something to the tune of: 
Abuses of our desire for a better life. 
or ahhh…  the power of an individual to alter the group for good. 

I mean, who doesn’t have that desire?  
Don’t you want a better life? For yourself?
For the people you care about, and care for, and how about this Aquarians: FOR HUMANITY! 
(I’m laughing so hard right now. It’s true though. )  

Think cults, communes, unions, alliances, humanistic and surreal human improvement and monitoring inventions,* the good of the many outweigh the good of the few.

This transition from Pluto in Capricorn to Pluto in Aquarius is extremely  **Snowpiercer the movie circa 2014.  

And certainly, we will have DEATH OF THE FUTURE to contend with as a concept.
We have a little time to digest death/depth of the future, before 20 years from now, Pluto in Pisces gives us death/depth of the ocean and all the seas boil.  

Alright, I’ll stop being so very cheerful, and I’ll point you toward something you can use.  

If Pluto in Capricorn taught you to rest in your deep softness, and strength as a loving individual connected whether biologically or emotionally to others in a way that can be described as trusting, as familial, and/or to establish that type of soft receptive, respectful relationship with yourself, a way of being your own family, your own home, Pluto in Aquarius will teach us we are that bright light, that center around whom everything spins.


It is our creativity, our ability to straighten our backs, take a deep breath and smile from the heart that will become invaluable as our methods of relating broaden to become increasingly expressive, generous, joyful.***   

The inevitable development of our solar spark is exactly where and how we will be becoming. Think of it as a transition from a lunar based receptive/reactive mode of behavior, to a solar based generative/creative mode of behavior.  

Or we could use the word – becoming –  where I have said behavior:
from Lunar becoming, to Solar becoming.  The Pluto in Aquarius model of connective interaction with reality centers on creating our own passionate expression rather than creating our own depth and security.


t’s not that we abandon our Lunar lessons, but that as we build on them…. our attention turns to other styles of connectivity.****  

In other words: in the face of the enormous robotic entity towering above us and narrowing it’s little laser eye recorder beam on the details of who we are and who we “should” be,  we become imaginative, colorful, powerful (kaleidoscopic too, at least for the duration of Saturn/Neptune in Pisces)  and very very hott. It’s destiny Kittens. And it’s also what’s next. 

Beauty, your unique beauty will assert itself. It’s intrinsic to this transformation we are all experiencing. And if you are reading this, I’m so grateful that I get to be here with you.

Let’s take a moment wherever you are and breathe together.  Let’s feel how there are no separations between your molecules and the molecules that surround you. Air enters you and becomes you. I’m so very glad that you are alive and breathing here with us.  

p.s. If you are into this letter, go share with your friends! 

&If you want to chat come find me: 

Love YOU!!! XoX 

*I mean…

**(there may also be a t.v. show but I haven’t seen that one to know)  

*** and for good measure the sudden death and sabotage of all the traits I just mentioned.
Not everyone will hit joyful immediately: There will be a goth contingent for sure… but isn’t that it’s own creative self-expression?

Diane Arbus: 5 members of the monster club.  

****  I will add that even with the sudden appearance of mystery spy balloons, (what could be more Pluto in Aqua than that!?) We don’t just suddenly abandon our Pluto in Capricorn concerns. This takes time. And we have time. 🙂  We are not yet finished with our security foundationals… the last bit of Pluto in Cap. is a strong piece of rewarding medicine. Pluto arrives in Aquarius at the end of March, and his annual retrograde brings him back to Capricorn in June 2023, Pluto makes the transition to Aquarius again in January 21, 2024


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