October 1, 2020, Full Moon in Aries

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Cough it up.

Gross, right? Well maybe, but is it as gross as keeping it in?

I’m not sure you have a choice anyway. This Full Moon happens, and you will have both the power and awareness to do some deep level processing.

It could be about money or sex, or death.

Where does power come from?

What has biology been teaching you all this time?

What have people in positions of authority made you swallow?

Like a pulled tooth, that has met the final pliers, like an oozy splinter, get it out. If it’s ugly, does that mean you could be beautiful later?

What do your values tell you about who you are?

Aha moment?

Patterns, puzzles become relevant.

We become very aware of what we have and do not have, in the realm of interpersonal relationships.

Libra always wants to know who is coming with me?

This Full Moon in Aries you find out. It’s a revision, mashed with a revelation: the story is not even sort of over.

Maybe that’s one of the beautiful things about you.

That’s how it starts, with the hope that things can change. It takes a lot of individuals to rewire human consciousness, to release limitations around what is and is not possible.

Look how strong you are, recognizing patterns, altering perceptions, shifting your goddamn paradigms every time you need to grow.

Here is what it looks like: deep interpersonal, in some cases intergenerational familial programming alteration.

You do it differently, and as you do, you find out if you want what you have set out to get. You probably do want it on some level, but this moment is not the final answer.

Instead, it’s where the seam rips.

Backing up into traffic. Work work work with what you have. Spit it out, open it up. Undeniable.

– Octavio Paz wrote

I heard my blood, singing in its prison,

and the sea sang with a murmur of light,

one by one the walls gave way,

all of the doors were broken down,

and the sun came bursting through my forehead,

it tore apart my closed lids,

cut loose my being from its wrappers,

and pulled me out of myself to wake me

from this animal sleep and its centuries of stone.

You have been in an ongoing battle for the survival of your own interior life, your own perception, which has shaped your particular actions.

It could be about money, or sex, or a death, or murder, or the dead, family lineage, on your father’s side.

Where does power come from?

What has biology been teaching you all this time?

You know how Athena does, bursting out of Zeus’ head because it’s time? That’s how this Full Moon do.

Oddly enough Athena wants to know what do you need? Where are your needs met?

Most importantly, are you allowed to need?

Patterns, & puzzles become relevant.

Pallas Athena conjuncts Jupiter. Juno and Mercury unearth deep philosophy, together they figure it out. This is about boundaries, power structures.

It’s not just about understanding the why, it’s the release. There is an almost audible pop!

You fight your negative patterning, I think you win. And what happens? Saturn is on the move: consequences bitchez.

If I were titling this Moon as a dissertation, I could call it:

– Towards Facilitating and Embracing the Results of a Creative Struggle in Interpersonal and Intergenerational Patterning-

Simone de Beauvoir writes:

– A normal existence – what could be more irrational? It’s fantastic the number of things you’re forced not to think about in order to go from one end of the day to the other without jumping the track! And the number of memories that have to be driven from your mind, the truths that have to be evaded!-

Listen: you may have to go back into it in order to do the right thing. And when you do that, something new is created, IN YOU. Something new is who you are, because you have enlarged your capacity for change, for struggle. That’s Alchemy.

In the ongoing battle for the survival of your own interior life, your own perception, and therefore your actions, it’s a moment of culmination. What you have is the ability to protect yourself. To CARE about yourself in action.

Are you about to go back and fix where fear has followed you?

SELF WORTH is the actual name of this Full Moon in Aries. It’s a LOVE STRUGGLE, and there IS love and you grow because of it.

You know how scientists are always discovering new tiny animals, or underwater plants, new parts of space, new ways to describe the qualities of what surrounds us, what has always been in motion, and always been right here?

For this Full Moon in Aries we participate. No one sits this one out. It’s a full contact sport and we engage with our lives.

Let’s take a deep breath and be exactly where we are now. Let’s be here together, inseparable from the limitless power of creation.

In every conceivable imagining, we are in this place, right now, right here, all together. There is no meaningful way to separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you. Let’s go ahead and take another breath.

I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!




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