Our Year of the Metal Ox & New Moon in Aquarius February 11, 2021

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I’ve been thinking about this time: this new terrestrial year of the Metal Ox, this Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, and I think that this time can be used as though fixing a dropped stitch in the fabric of creation.

I wrote this for The Starshine Show:

New Moon in Aquarius February 11, 2021

The good news is that it’s good. Or that we can make it good from here.That 2021 is a more tangible, more insightful, more hardworking year than the last one. There are no shortages of surprises, but to each happenstance or deliberate maneuver, we can immediately apply ourselves, and eventually see our progress reflected back.

It takes a backbone, this particular year, and in order to be able to work it right, continue to listen. Don’t be sure you have the answers. These are BIG questions.

Our stories unravel, they unwind, wind back around, unfold, multiply, evaporate. The size, shape, and proportion of what we measure will morph as we do the measuring!

So many, so many deep and beautiful surprises. It’s been a minute since we imagined that a surprise could be good, but we will have some shocking good ones along with the shocking bad ones in 2021, AND for our New Moon in Aquarius on February 11, the year of the Metal Ox.

It IS good. I’m not quite sure it’s a floating fairy godmother in a powder blue dress, but as it compares to 2020 it almost is. In part it’s good, because it’s new.

A surprise is guaranteed. There is a kiss, and a dream, or a lie, a chance to go back and fix an old storyline.

This new Moon, in this year, is where we begin to correct our mistakes, which as you know, sometimes involves making more of them.

I think it’s a doozy, and you may not know yet what is involved or even how much, how many… but believe me, you will stumble into it, OR it will be made clear to you. Let’s welcome that type of energy. A course correction without shame.

A beginning, perhaps a sort of birth, and the baby is a changeling, and the changeling is rare and special, and you do in fact take on a mission without knowing all it will entail.

Perhaps only really being aware, that you can’t know what will be required of you.

Let’s imagine now, that it will be a lot! It will. A real lot. A WHOLE lot.

A large protracted effort, willpower will be required, but this time our lives are not, thank goodness, set amidst the desperate plutonian survialscape so many of us inhabited last year. It’s not even that the desperation is gone, it’s simply that it’s unworthy of our full attention. We are cultivating more powerful problems.

2021 requires us to believe in the future, to exercise endurance, commitment, and a certain type of bravery that is willing to make an alliance. Be ready now to discard whatever is actively harming you, to move as fast as you can in the direction of sanity, of wholeness, and as you do it, recognize that tho there will be enormous leaps ahead and beautiful vistas, on the whole, your progress is not about fast.

Committed. That’s the word you want. Commit, and keep an open mind.

Why? Because you can’t see now, you can’t just see all of it…

The future is shaping itself strangely, into absolutely fresh configurations, and as it happens, as you move ahead with plans and choices, your beginnings may emerge under blurry impressions, almost a shadow or storm that could be described as an inadequate or misleading series of truths, and yet, and yet, and yet… there are truths, these are truths here, aren’t they?

Whatever is said now, and however peaceable it may seem, the words begin or continue a conflict, a passionate complex conflicted storyline, which will take you traveling one way or another.

It’s not simple and it doesn’t end any time soon. It’s blessedly new. Can we let that be enough?

Rainbow weather, that half stormy sky with the bright blue corner, & the soft light spot where the sky becomes gentle white, there, anything is possible, is probable.

A place where light is likely to separate colors into their spectrums and allow us to see, not only a fleeting vision of wonder, of what is possible, but also to understand what necessary elements are contained within the whole: Who is here?

We all are: we are working, breathing, we are living, and hoping, desiring, and surviving at the gate to an opening, an entrance, just to the side, an alternate timeline. Isn’t it time we were getting out of here… Have you got to the pot of gold?

Not so fast. In fact not very fast at all. The Ox is a plodder and this year we cope with sudden shifts in our realities that we must then bear the burden of in extended real time ordeals. And YET and yet…

John Crowley writes:

“It was a rainbow, but bright and it looked like it came down -just there, you know, not far; I could see the grass, all sparkling and stained every color there. The sky had got big, you know the way it does when it clears after a long rainy time, and everything looked near; the place the rainbow came down was near; and I wanted to go stand in it and look up and be covered with colors. Smokey laughed. “ That’s hard.” He said. She laughed too, dipping her head and raising the back of her hand to her mouth in a way that already seemed heartstirringly familiar to him. “It sure is.” She said. “It seemed to take forever.” “You mean you-” “Every time you thought you were getting close, it would be just as far off in a different place; and if you came to that place it would be in the place you came from; and my throat was getting sore with running, and not getting any closer. But you know what you do then-” “Walk away from it.” He said surprised at his own voice, but Somehow sure this was the answer. “Sure. That isn’t as easy as it sounds but–” “No I don’t suppose.” He had stopped laughing. “–but if you do it right–” “No wait” He said

“–just right, then…” “They don’t really come down now.” Smokey said, “They don’t, not really” “ “They don’t here.” She said. —

Our HERE is about to change.

A chance to make a wish, or set sail, plant a seed. Do that. We are going to have to change EVERYTHING.

That’s what we learn this year, but we don’t do it every minute of every hour of every day. A big shift followed by a lot of hard work, followed by an unveiling, a dismantling, a shock, or revelation. Each with a gift. Believe it. We will see this. We will live it.

In astrology we talk about Chiron as the bridge between Saturn and Uranus. Between Genius and Matter, between the past and the future, we have Chiron, a bridge shaped as a couple: humility married to self worth. It’s where doubt becomes irrelevant, not out of faith, but because of understanding, trust in oneself mixed with a thirst for genuine knowledge.

A key made not of dogged consistency, but of wide eyed continuation. Every morning you wake up and build the world anew in your heart, that beginning, that willingness to see all that is open to you in this moment, takes you further. You wake up, again, and again, and again.

“Just as a lamp waved in darkness creates a figure of light in the air, which remains for as long as the lamp repeats its motion exactly, so the universe retains its shape by repetition: the universe is Time’s body.” -John Crowley

Good Morning is what I want to say to you as we welcome a New Year. Wherever Aquarius falls in your chart, you will have a chance to rewrite the story no matter what has come before this day.

Let’s take a breath together now. Let’s really feel how connected we are to each other, to the limitless delight, to the infinite power and possibility of all of creation. I’m so glad to be connected to you, I’m so happy you are alive and breathing, here with us.

Love YOU!!!



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