Pisces Full Moon, September 2, 2020

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The Full Moon in Pisces shakes us free. It’s a sort of preparation for a very potent New Moon in Virgo on September 17th. We need this one, just as it is, even if we cry.

Let’s make room for emotions of every color. For every messy, wet, smeary, heartfelt, imperfect, fleeting, half believed, mutable, transitory, second and third act of a play, a butterfly on a rainy day, liminal space, and spaced out, vague drift of a sudden choice. If something arrives, it HAS been building.

What works so strongly here is that you can talk it through. Practical Mercury in Virgo may be opposed by Neptune, but she also trines Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Will something end? Yes, probably. But that seems extra true each month now, reality is both plastic and unforgiving; anything can leave your hand.

Between the Crab Venus square Aries Mars aspect and the Capricorn complications, there are pivots and conflits aplenty, but even so, this time, the Sun and the Moon steer clear.

The Lights only aspects are to Uranus. Let go, get free, Genius up! 

Accept the change.

I’d like to read you a poem by Dean Young. He’s got a wonderful book that came out in 2019 called Solar Perplexus. He says:


It’s been days since hoppy frog was wound up

but he’s still got jump.

Like a dead bee.

Like a liberal arts education.

Like a tree storing lightning inside itself.

Like a window broken in a good way.

Like cardiac tissue.

Like when the apprentice assigned

to paint the background shrubbery

has some sort of seizure

like when the soul blazes out in the eternal

and pierces your foot

like in Blake.

Not torn in two with gray claws.

Not rotting deep in the pancreas.

Not being hung upside-down.

Not the stabbed-out eye of a peacock.

Not losing your virginity to a scarecrow.

The sky will fill our graves.

The sea is entirely bells.

I love you.

The easiest way to win at this Full Moon in Pisces, is to cast your whole self, your mind, your heart, your patience, your desire into the infinite. As you fly or float above the Moon, some part of you, maybe every part can still be in your sensations, can feel it all. Poor little Crab Venus can’t have what she wants as she wants it. Not today.

Is necessity a catalyst? I guess so. The biggest element you have in your control is your ability to roll with it. Time to figure out what you think, and then just marvel at it.

Good thing Virgo likes details. It could be an emotional story, but if it is one, and if an ending is required, you’ll be able to make it happen alright.  You can walk away from the car crash, call whoever is important on your cell, and make a new plan for a new day. Pisces is a dreamer, a happy little half smile. Detach. Make a wish. See it all.

This Moon makes me think of a note found in Roberto Bolano’s manuscripts after he died. He says: ~ And that’s it, friends. I’ve done it all, I’ve lived it all. If I had the strength, I’d cry. ~

This sort of astro-weather is very human. and the conflicts described are human sized. They place us, as small as we are, in an infinite expanding universe. Virgo wants to talk forever and Pisces would like to listen to the music.

Let’s take a breath now. Let’s feel how wonderfully our molecules are in motion.

We have so much to experience by way of existence. We have so much to offer with our participation. In every way, we are inseparable from our surroundings, we grow as plants grow, and we die the same way. Our consciousness is awake now, vibrating along with our body.

There is no meaningful way to separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you, what could be more beautiful? I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!



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