*Eugen Gabritschevsky

The incomparable Lorraine O’Grady writes:

The one advantage art has over other methods of knowledge, and the reason I engage in it rather than some other activity for which my training and intelligence might be suited, is that, except for the theoretical sciences, it is the primary discipline where an exercise of calculated risk can regularly turn up what you had not been looking for. –

I’m going to tell you a secret. Are you ready? Ok: 2021 is a more confusing year than 2020. You may have already suspected this… anyway it’s true.

The old story ends, though you may not launch the new one yet. Soon tho, actually, quite soon.

Let me tell you a story… The time between Eclipses is plastic, is malleable, contains small portals that open to large experiences and hidden dimensions that show us terrain as yet unknown… there is something here to explore. Welcome in.

Look around inside your story… this one, the story you are in… My story which I have always told to myself, unknowing. Your story, that your breath repeats as you sleep and dream…

Let’s imagine something changes now. It’s BIG.

A deviation, an alternate timeline about to intersect with yours, about to become yours.

A way to shift not exactly, or not only the plot, but something deeper. Your drives and motivations, your desires and your view of what is possible.

Neptune guides our actions, and challenges our hearts and minds. Are we sure? Well, no. No, we are not sure, and we may not be sure for a long time.

Something ends on May 26th, and just as we begin to understand that, as early as May 29th we begin to wonder if or how we ought to change our minds. Something has finished, though you can’t yet sweep it away completely, or dispose of the body. It has to do with what you believe.

And can I just tell you of the Eclipse after this one, our New Moon in Gemini on June 10th which marks out a beautiful confusion, a play which only faith can master, or take the measure of ?

I don’t know if it will endear me to you, but there isn’t a right answer, and we don’t settle our questions for a long minute, and that minute stretches out into nearly a whole summer.

Once we get our minds right near the end of June, our belief begins to waver, and so it goes until the end of July where we find ourselves back with puzzles we may have abandoned and now we are carrying ever so many more pieces to place… waves of questions this summer.

Entanglements, illusions, reunions, important connections. Real lasting changes, some actual violence and shocks that serve to sharpen your mind.

Is that right? I couldn’t tell you, not exactly or not like this anyway…

This is a time to find your own clarity from listening… from what is unfolding within yourself and all around you.

I’ll give you that astrologer jive: As Above, So Below.

As you listen, tell yourself – More than one answer, more than one level, more than one purpose. – That’s a mantra.

This summer’s pattern is more intricate than is usual. Look for the places that catch your heart like rough fabric drawn across soft skin, feel where you are being moved, and look there for the clues.

Ben Okri writes:

– In a fractured age, when cynicism is god, here is a possible heresy: we live by stories, we also live in them. One way or another we are living the stories planted in us early or along the way, or we are also living the stories we planted— knowingly or unknowingly—in ourselves. We live stories that either give our lives meaning or negate it with meaninglessness. If we change the stories we live by, quite possibly we change our lives.-

Why have we all come here, to this tangle of dreams, this intersection made of what… what would you call it? Evidence of things not seen?

2021 is almost a vision quest, or a rorschach test, it’s a pitch perfect bell that shows you none of these surrounding sounds are simple and they don’t really ring clear, it’s you finding your way in the woods or an unfamiliar city. You are going to stumble, and since you don’t know the landmarks you will have to look for something else. Close your eyes and listen. Follow what is calling you. It will be new.

I’m so glad you are here, let’s take a moment and just breathe together. I’m so glad you have arrived here, where everything is always in motion.

In every conceivable imagining you are alive in a living universe. There are no meaningful separations between your molecules and the molecules that surround you.

I’m so glad you are alive and breathing, here with us.

Love YOU!!!




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