Sagittarius Moon

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It doesn’t take much to get me to admit I’m a Sagittarius Moon Addict!

I easily have 5 or 6 Sagittarius Moon people in my daily rotation.

They want to move, to flow, to try it out,

you don’t have to over explain to them, just why it is that you want to take a trip, a class, skip town,

go out when you said stay in,

or turn the music up! Sagittarius says YES to all this. ~And will they stand around in the kitchen eating snacks and discussing philosophy, and the way things are done on some tiny island, or the implications of new technology?

Yes, yes they will!

Do they want to try the weird food you got at the corner store, and no one knows what’s in it? They do!

Traveling is like home to them, they will try the street food, and the mystery fruit!

They won’t mind if you want to see what’s behind that temple, as long as you can still check out that club later on!

Do they want to go to the Beach?


Are they happy in the Forest?


Do they want to sit on the couch at your aunt’s house watching reruns

and making small talk? Wellllllll, Not Really! Only just if your aunt has a terribly interesting story to tell,

or happens to be a killer listener, and even then, after a few….

Gotta go!

Sagittarius is the human animal,

Thought + Experience.

Ruled by Jupiter the God that amplifies, expands, crosses boundaries,

Jupiter the teacher, the Jolly one, bringing presents, and maybe a disease… but then possibly the cure!

Sagittarius, the lucky one, who can stand to take a chance, who lives to tell the tale, or the truth? Could it be both?

Sagittarius integrates the physical dimension of humanity: Sex, Hunger, and Violence with the Higher ideals of Religion, Unity, the search for intrinsic meaning, exploring the dimensions of culture. At it’s worst, Sagittarius satisfies physical drives and desires, with no regard for morality. Unfortunately, you know what I mean. Plus: hypocrisy alert! On the other hoof, if a Sagittarius Moon is well developed, it’s the Human Animal at home in the Wide World,comfortable with themselves and everyone else.

Sagittarius Moon Today!

Amped up by Jupiter in Gemini, and the entire Pisces Ocean.

Bounce and Flow.

Heading to the New Moon in Pisces on the 11th.

Still So MUCH Pisces to experience!

(for better or for worse) Dream ON!

Hindi Zahara!

(…could she be more beautiful? magic!)

Love YOU!!!



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