Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse December 14, 2020

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-A scientist can pretend that his work isn’t himself, it’s merely the impersonal truth. An artist can’t hide behind the truth. He can’t hide anywhere.- Ursula K. Le Guin says that.


There is a poem called Dust by Dorianne Laux that begins

– Someone spoke to me last night,

told me the truth. Just a few words,

but I recognized it. –

For this Eclipse we will have the benefit of higher knowledge.

God says YES here, and whatever we and other mortals say, we will learn to recognize the Universal truth as it compares to the lesser weight of human assertions. We get a clean view of what we must begin, and a clear message of Karma from the Capricorn crew.

What have you done?

I think you know, and if somehow you do not, expect to be informed.

Mercury on the south node sends a man to say “Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?”

Away we go!

Our solid t-square with Sun/Moon/Neptune/N.Node is that very thin sugar coat, or a ruse that won’t fool anyone. I shouldn’t say that, because expect someone, not you, to be fooled. You could be the one with a gift of prophecy, you could be the one to connect God’s dots, you could be the one with extra compassion, and if you have been fooled, this is when, where, and how you find out!

Messages will be received and delivered, these story-lines run deep. Is it the last gasp of some old biz?

It absolutely is.

Are we pushing our boat from a rapidly diminishing shore? Right again. Never go back? Nail on the head.

Pluto leans on Mars, lends him a hammer.

Any fight is a dirty fight now, not because you made it one, these motivations and entanglements have grown a long while, and honestly Mars is already swinging.

Venus at 28 Scorpio sextiles Jupiter/Saturn at 28/29 Capricorn. Something of lasting value may be established here. Especially if you have been through a lot to achieve it. A reward for your endurance.

Just like Jean-Paul Sartre to give us a classic: Freedom, he writes, is what you do with what’s been done to you.

That’s what we have now. That kind of freedom that fully embraces and creates a new set of valuations for the inevitable chains.

The Sun and the Moon come together in Sagittarius. Big picture information, as applied to both your life and our politics, moral, legal, religious, international news, and the spirit of our nation.

Sagittarius wants freedom and justice for all, as the saying goes. Whatever misdirection we are in the center of, he opens the door to truth.

Will you take a breath with me now? Is there a moment we can spend together letting the enormity of these processes wash right through us? Allowing ourselves to enjoy our permeable bodies, feeling the air expand and contract us? Everything in motion, everything inexplicably linked and alive.

Can we stretch to imagine the infinite expanding universe? How is it that we can really exist, as individual humans, on a tiny planet among so many stars? All alive, all in motion, all the way out, all the way into you, and your nearly infinite cellular biology. Wherever and under whatever lights you are listening. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!!



Ravi Shankar


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