Saturn in Scorpio Transit, w/Mercury involved, Saturn Retrograde 2014    

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I have transiting Saturn Squaring my Mercury,

and I’m finding it very hard to write.

It would be a perfect time to take more pictures,

to find something moving, and make it still.

People just endlessly saying no to me,

I’m trying to take it on,

to embody the energy and have something substantial to say…

You know what I have?


Saturn is good at fear.

Frozen in place,

with my progressed Moon in Pisces,

like a fish on repeat, swimming the same circle. Or gasping for air.

Mouth open, ineffectual.


Now in real life, I continue to do everything,

still answering emails, still making calls, still showing up.

If I am on time the other person will be late.

Mistakes are hi-lit what did I write? What did I say?

It is as though I am walking a treadmill,

faster and faster, why haven’t I arrived yet?

No visible result.

Will it be exactly as a treadmill,

where, when it is over I have not gone anywhere, but I am stronger?

Oh but I need to go!

Saturn stands arms crossed, he paces the hall,

back and forth,

the only degrees Saturn covers between May 24th, and September 14th, are 17 and 18

Mercury is a key player in all charts, and for me, it’s near to the heart of it,

I have Mercury in Leo. Without my roar, I’m reduced to my come hither eyes, and there is only so much they know how to say!

Eyes have never been good at paperwork, and with Saturn (time) in bad aspect to the winged messenger, timing is slow, and timing is off.

What does 17 and 18 degrees Scorpio hit in your chart?

Where is the X-ray shown on you?

Where are you brought to your knees?

You are supposed to fix it now, or step back and allow it to be fixed.

The Doctor makes an incision,

what you have to do is not rip your stitches, heal.

Saturn Retrograde = Restructure

Between death, (Saturn) and death (Pluto)

I mean, between, fear and power, between rules and sex,

I mean between limitations and inequality, between authority and compulsion

I mean between the law and decay,

They are working in tandem these two,

to build deep (pluto) structures (saturn) or I should say we are working the Saturn trying to build the structures of a new life,

We watch as Pluto casts his line, and we try to see the hook, before we swallow.

Jupiter continues to bless us and the torque is amazing.

Opportunities abound, but only a difficult one will do!

Mercury drags us back over the same impossible ground,

willing us to find an answer in Gemini,

these are not conceptual problems, but circumstances, real life developments subject to pressure.

Could a clever mind be the way out?

Well, a dull one won’t help!

Something to consider if it is your LEO getting the hit,

is that Uranus trines while Saturn squares.

Lucky Break with a couple of setbacks?

Could be!

Generosity (Jupiter) won’t solve everything but it will come close.

Mars, not one to be counted out, as he approaches his Uranus opposition,

Keep your composure, play the hand you are dealt.

and Neptune… he is the one to watch out for… dreams still echoing out from that lunation…SLIPPERY

Eyes on the ball, Kittens, eyes on the ball.


Love YOU!!!



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