Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse May 15  2020, but really just after Midnight est. so technically it’s the 16th 

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Everyone agrees except reality. 

That’s an unusual  position for reality to be in… 

Or maybe, an unusual position for us.. .

Almost as if Reality could say 

– Here I am, here I am!  You’d better fix me, you’d better change me.- 

Or even, you’d better change your relationship to me. 

This may be one of those times where it helps to bypass your mind. Not in a wishful thinking way, and certainly not in an impractical way! Heavens NO. 

More like a, leave the door of your mind open kind of way. 

Scorpio Moon may try to complicate it, to entice you to coerce someone, yourself, someone else, back to the past, to what’s already been. 

Don’t you do it.

What’s good, looks like you opening up, at least to yourself about how you actually feel. If you don’t know, get curious: leave room for more than one set or swirl of feelings. 

There’s a  possibility of something  akin to a breakdown/breakthrough experience…  an experience of  being so much more than these very real circumstances which demand our attention, and perhaps they do so because they, or we, or both, are ready for a change…

Saturn pressures both Lights: necessity, obligation. 

It’s not the final word, tho it may seem like – a – final word.

I’ve just discovered Bayo Akomolafe, and what a pleasure and a beautiful surprise,  to read someone whose worldview so closely resembles my own. Listen to him here, writing, (in part) about the particle/wave experiment:

 The morale of this story [of the double slit experiment] is not quite simple, but it is noteworthy: there is no fundamental, coherent, pre-given, exclusive formula or ontology to reality. Time isn’t fixed; identity is relational; matter is not a thing, it is an ongoing generativity. This disrupts the idea that all that is alive about the world is necessarily human to begin with…

Young’s experiment suggests matter is not passive, it initiates, it remembers, it studies, it self-organizes, it knows, it dances.

…In short, we do not create – we do not feel – we do not act. ‘We’ do. I refer, of course, to a thicker ‘we’ – comprised of entangled agencies of lichen and leeches, mycelia and mountain, barnacles and howling beasts, not just humans. We are a conspiracy – a commonwealth of breath, as David Abram would say…

…Aristotle asserted that a thing cannot be its negation or its contradiction. And yet, the closer we look, the more monstrous everything seems. We are hyphenated. There is no identity, there is only identity-to-come; there is no justice, only justice-in-the-making.

…To come to this place, to notice our promiscuous affinities with environment, with ‘objects’, with the non-human, is to walk a messy terrain. And yet, this mess of things frees us and opens us to relationships we never thought were possible, allowing us ‘resources’ beyond the parenthetical remarks of activism, or positivity, or wealth as social mobility…

Oh! He just blisses me out! Go read everything he writes! 

Regarding all experience as shamanic experience has its advantages… it’s something to incorporate on the regular. Not necessarily in order to attribute specific meanings, but instead to gather a multiplicity of inherent relationships. To, for lack of a better set of languages, to feel how it is. 

 What would your best outcomes look like if complete vulnerability was really alright? 

It IS alright to be afraid. 

Do you know that?

You don’t have to be unafraid. 

What you want is, to not be at the mercy of your fears.

 They never have been very merciful, AND the mercy of your fears is really not the right place to keep anyone else either.  

Eclipses last. 

What I mean to say is that they usher in a time. The themes go on, both for the Taurus New Moon we just had, and for the Scorpio Full Moon I’m describing. 

When May 16 is over you will be in a new time, and that time goes on featuring  a Scorpionic release and Taurus acquisitions.  

It’s where we are now. 

We are in a land called -consequences of your entanglements- … Or costs of your autonomy, or the other way ‘round or  both! 

Spotlight on with whom you are entwined. Which situationals have you pinned? And do you like it?

Don’t be afraid if you are afraid…I mean…  it’s alright to BE afraid, isn’t it?  

New ways, new experiences  are needed, so new days arrive, they struggle to be born, like every baby ever. 

How to make the actual changes? I mean HOW? Nuts and bolts how. 

Whether or not you have the solutions on the spot, the pinch or the pressure shows you where to place your adjustment… It’s easier to solve a puzzle you see. Open as wide as you can without trying to categorize all of the information. Easy to say… but later for that. 

Jupiter is now at zero Aries. The door to the new OPENS as the old one slams shut, or smears its greasy hands on your favorite silk dress. 

Chiron and Venus are at 14 and 15 Aries. Mars and Neptune, still dreaming in Pisces. What you dream of can later be real, isn’t that how it so often happens anyway? Themes from Saturn square Uranus echo on and out. 

Our Taurus Sun and North Node suggest that you be beautifully stubborn about who you are and what you are worth, which is everything, you are EVERYTHING, worth everything, made of everything in every way inseparable from the limitless power of creation. 

As we breathe together now, air enters and becomes our bodies, and as we breathe in again we can feel how alive we are, alive now, in a living world full of endless energy, darkness, color, light, motion. 

I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.


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