Scorpio New Moon, November 14, 2020

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Have we been following the moon around waiting for something to wish for?

Desire nature, how long has it been?

When was the last time you imagined you could have something you wanted? How much grief is stored in that thought alone?

We don’t stop wanting. WE NEED TO WANT.

Mars finally moves ahead. The stopped clock chimes and we don’t keep staring at the wall waiting for it to grow eyes and stare back.

It’s not about pregnancy, though this is potent alright. The seed gets planted.

It could be that the plow hits a stone, and the stone hits you, and blood seeps from a cut above your eye and you see now, that you were never meant to be a farmer and the seed you plant is in your plane ticket, it’s in your book, in your backpack, it’s in the choice you make with your sweetheart about whose desires are more pressing and what comes next.

Mars is direct in Aries with Venus opposite him in Libra. Oh LOOK! A power couple and they make a T-Square with Pallas/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. Action! A web of INTERACTION.

Mercury receives a lightning bolt of a concept, and for the Sun & Moon, conjunct at 23 degrees Scorpio and for Juno right beside them, the beginning they propose is both backed by the powers that be, and in working relationship to the infinite.

It’s a powerful chart. All it asks for is desire. Your desire. Feed yourself a little blood.

Cheryl Strayed writes:

-The most terrible and beautiful and interesting things happen in life. For some of you, those things have already happened. Whatever happens to you belongs to you. Make it yours. Feed it to yourself even if it feels impossible to swallow. Let it nurture you, because it will.-

If it’s a risk, it’s worth it now, to see that blood when we have been starvlings for so very long. And when I say blood, what I mean is, vital energy, the good stuff, from the heart, from below the belt, whatever it is, you want it.

Here is potential, DEPTH, appreciable weight. It’s not a sad story, it’s a real one. You won’t miss your chance. You take it. It takes you.

Intimacy or trust. It could even be a family secret, or a promise you want to keep.

There is a feeling, an element of surprise? New content, again, importantly, we uncover what is hidden, and what do we have? It’s UNREGULATED EMOTION. Did you say you wanted something?

It’s not so much about an accident, as it is about patterning, what is owed, and finally being able to move ahead.

The thing is: we don’t have these infinite choices, not right now. The few we have, we take. It may be sudden, but it’s likely unconfusing.

If you want to amputate to achieve, you know the drill. You may not have to, you may be able to come up with next steps that are relevant, that move you towards power without renunciation. But you’ll know.

The machinations here are part of a bigger story. It’s not just what you mix up on your own. Whatever arrives as an opening for you, allow for a dream. Let yourself have it.

Where there might, for a moment, be safety or a connection, lets remember softness:

~ Pay attention to the gentle ones, the ones who can hold your gaze with no discomfort, the ones who smile to themselves while sitting alone in a coffeeshop, the ones who walk as if floating. Take them in and marvel at them. Simply marvel. It takes an extraordinary person to carry themselves as if they do not live in hell.”

– D. Bunyavong said that

Can you imagine wanting something you might get?

Let yourself have it. Float for a moment in a feeling of co-creation of your life.

What happens for this New Moon in Scorpio is that we open up the doors we have shut. We open to our desire nature, we say yes to being animals, in the best way, thinking and feeling animals with needs, perhaps complicated intertwining needs.

– Wendell Berry wrote

-I would like you to show me, if you can, where the line can be drawn between an organism and its environment. The environment is in you. It’s passing through you. You’re breathing it in and out. You and every other creature.-

As we breathe now, indivisible from every vibrating molecule, let’s imagine a change that is not a tragedy.

Let’s make friends with the idea that we are miraculously powerful, and at times use our powers for healing, for intimacy, and for good. Let’s breathe together one more time. I’m so glad you are alive, and breathing, here with us.

Love YOU!!!



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