Starry Eyes a long long long Newsletter… May 5, 2023

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Hey Kittens,  What does all the dreaminess I am about to share with you have to do with your current confrontation with reality?  

What does it have to do with a web, or a labyrinth, that manages to outline a shape both stark and twisted?  

 A reality simply, impossibly, and repulsively, enmeshed with your own?  

How do we, loving the imperfections of others as well as we love the imperfections of ourselves, (wait, do we love either of these? I mean do we? Perhaps hating the imperfections of others as we hate the imperfections of ourselves… )  


How do we, accepting the imperfections of others, as we accept the imperfections of ourselves, how do we make the serpentine choices to express Value, Care, and Freedom? 

To look at it, to really see, let’s go back in time: Saturn entered Sagittarius and began, by sign, to square Neptune between 2014 -2017. What we will see with Saturn is Pisces is the conjunction with Neptune rather than the square. In a sense, the rubber is about to hit the road.   

Between 2014-2017 we engaged, as we do now, with a Jupiter flavored Saturn, and we began using our lives for the long run up to Saturn in Pisces which we now have as our measuring stick and sailing ship right up until
February 2026.


— Samsara literally means “wandering-on.” Many people think of it as the Buddhist name for the place where we currently live. But in the early Buddhist texts, it’s the answer, not to the question, “Where are we?” but to the question, “What are we doing?” Instead of a place, it’s a process: the tendency to keep creating worlds and then moving into them. As one world falls apart, you create another one and go there. At the same time, you bump into other people who are creating their own worlds, too.

The process can sometimes be enjoyable. In fact, it would be perfectly innocuous if it didn’t entail so much suffering. The worlds we create keep caving in and killing us. Moving into a new world requires effort: not only the pains and risks of taking birth, but also the hard knocks – mental and physical – that come from going through childhood into adulthood, over and over again. — Geoffrey DeGraff  


The visions that began between 2014-2017 become life choices now.  

In 2014, I wrote the following pile of words, that echo into the infinity and hard lines we are up against: “After this, after this metamorphosis, we are headed into an easier time.I shouldn’t say that, because someone’s mother will die.

Someone’s best friend will be hit by a bus in a traffic accident no more remarkable than any other. A man will be shot for nothing he said or did. A sister will get breast cancer, and a father will lose a job he is in no position to lose…Whether the crisis is ours or not makes a difference, but not all the difference it could make.

Life during wartime is strange for everyone. n’est-ce pas?It’s not wrong to think that extreme solutions are needed for extreme success.Nor is it wrong to take the opposite approach, a small change,enacted permanently for good makes a revolution.In this life there is only one certainty.Take hold, and embrace it with
both hands.



If you want to swim, and you do want to,you have to get wet.Out over your head,where it matters if you can find your way back…You won’t. You won’t find your way back. There is no back, only beyond.     

  *                     *                            *

Recognize the patterns that have brought you this far,so you can step out of them like a wet swimsuit.Sure, the feeling remains long after you are dry,but sometimes you need the ghosts of who you have been to guide you.To let you know:~don’t go here~Oh man! I’m mixing metaphors!

Do I want you to swim or don’t I?!?!

I DO. But you’d better go naked, or as close as you can come. 


Think about this: 

What if it is impossible to see the shape you make while you make it?

What if you weave the world into being with both eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back?Consistency is that haze on the mountains, look there, and move toward it. Don’t expect to arrive.You are responsible for what you do, and ultimately most people do what they want.

To change your life, change what you want.


In that same time, I also wrote this :

“Letting go of the past in order to build the future.That seems an easy thing to say.I can cough up that sentence no problem.

We will find the devil this time, not in the details, but in the directionals

Here we find evidence of astrology’s spiral:

What we do have in 2023, is the direction.  
Vague as it may seem, we  have some very strong inclinations.  
In light of that, we can change our 2014 construct to something refreshingly ordinary.

For 2023: We will find the devil, not in the directionals, but right where you might expect, in the details.

And that, Kittens, will have to stand for progress. 

In May, as Mercury moves back in Taurus, we are forced to get our money right, we are forced to reevaluate where our comfort and our health may be found. Jupiter IS arriving mid-month with a direct mercury to first shock us and then help us. 

Not every locked door stays locked forever. 

The baby will be born whether there is room at the inn or not. Every logistical problem holds a practical solution in her pocket. We may or may not succeed in this moment, but best believe we will win. 

On that theme, I want to add that I’ve been slow to write, not only because of a life rich with unforeseen events,  (Uranus in Taurus represent.) but also because I have been taking a moment to synthesize.  

There is a LOT to put in the mix. Conceptually Pluto in Aquarius has really come in hot, bringing bold, bold cultural and structural shifts. New laws, new tech, new maneuvers are at hand and while they surround us, we use the flush of fresh energy to envision or scramble after alternate situations.

And let’s just say that Pluto in Capricorn is not done… because… it’s not.  I mean… We see the future, but we are not there…  ( as ever) We gear up, put on goggles and masks, spacesuits, and mudboots..  Life grows and dies breath by breath, we hustle to “arrive”  to live in a world which supports us… and as we dream, we plan and imagine, we are confronted by how very far from the utopia we fly, (and to all the people internally cringing over the use of the word- utopia) I am speaking to the fact that I really would like us to have a break from this: Continual Murder of People Who Want to Simply Exist 

As reported by ABC 7: 

– The freelance journalist who recorded the incident, Juan Alberto Vazquez, told the New York Post that Neely was screaming “in an aggressive manner,” and complaining of hunger and thirst. Neely did not physically attack anyone, Vazquez said, adding that the Marine veteran approached the man after he threw his jacket to the ground. – 

This interaction, as much as anything, is our eclipse. 
The eclipse in Scorpio describes the death of someone who has physical needs, and we all do.  Shouldn’t we all be able to eat, sleep, and breathe?  Should we really have to die, so that our discomfort does not disturb others?  

Or to say it another way, why is our death less disturbing than the pain of our lives?  

Why should three of us unite (as they did in that subway car) to murder someone expressing our identical humanity, as we hurtle through the tunnels we have made of time and space, to get where we inevitably arrive? 

Why is there a why?

I mean surely. But the road to why is overgrown and clogged with contagions of the thought disease we have all caught so many times. I’ll spare you.  

Biz goes on in the usual way, and we look, seeing amidst the continued mechanisms of our oppression, other possibilities taking shape.  

Our same world with heightened vision, our desire is for new form, new format, new function. 
 A question is: Are you in the thick of it?
Personally. Are you?
Can you acclimate?
Is that even possible?

Structurally. It’s about the structure of our lives. 
You might, in this case, have to have an important conversation. 
Unfinished business. We may experience a quality akin to that expression,
“Not having a leg to stand on.”  all the same, while we struggle to remain upright we do so with strangely plodding hooves. Merc retro in Taurus is slow, and yet, we still expect a shock, because well…  

There ARE shocks headed towards us. Now, today and mid-month as well. If you imagine you won’t have one, well it might be even more bright, which is another word for loud.  The revelation we know is not the one we seek, in that way our astrology embodies the true spirit of surprise, which is exactly what our tangled drama has invested in, by way of Mercury not speaking plainly, by way of not seeming to care. The knife that cuts with the casual hand had better be sharp, because those dull knife wounds are jagged and they don’t heal well.  

What does work?

What works under a sky like this?

Release, reinvent, and honestly… dream. Dream about it now.  


– True happiness is uncaused and this cannot disappear for lack of stimulation. It is not the opposite of sorrow, it includes all sorrow and suffering. –~ Nisargadatta Maharaj –

As you follow your own way of integrity, the effect on everyone and everything around you may be greater than you can imagine.~Martha Beck –

Everyone arrives one day and asks, is this it? And the stars answer back with more stars.-— Victoria Chang 


When I think about what’s coming, when I try to bring that within the realm of what we will become, when I think of what we are striving to encompass, when I think of what we imagine letting go of in order to survive with our humanity intact; what does that mean, what does that mean we will do?  

When I think of what we are becoming, when I try to bring that within the realm of what’s coming, when I imagine our lives as the intersection of cultural momentum and personal exploration and development, when I imagine the spiritual ambition of our dreams interacting with the world as it has already been arranged, when I imagine the spiritual ambition of our dreams arranged as it is, because of how human ambition has shaped the world, when I open to the mystery of genuine cyclical change, I feel that we have arrived at a moment of profound fertility.  

The earth is wet with what may as well amount to our tears, and having cried them out, we can see something sprouting in the mud, in the wet, along with refuse, remains, broken sticks, trash, twining vines, along in the alley, in the earth there, we see something else, something with a will to exist.  

How is it that, having failed to solve our personal ambitions we turn to a collective wish? It’s not enough to “get what we want” and we know now that we don’t, we won’t get it. We don’t get what we want. I mean that in letting go of a personal wish we move to a collective wish. In asking for more meaningful desires, we begin to approach collective needs, Imeanpersonalneeds. Imeancollectiveneeds, I mean that what we personally need now, is an ethereal and literal connection with our collective.  That’s Saturn in Pisces, making the sort of mixed up sense it likes to make. Never without a paradox. Always within a paradox. 
Let me return to words from the Saturn Neptune square: 

Which way do we go, with whom, and because why?

Close your eyes says Neptune, which way are you leaning?Is that the direction you fall?

Take a break, and consider the big picture,  the big picture where you are a small dot, and this is your short life that you only get to live out just the once in exactly this way.

        *                                     *                                   

As part of a longer poem called Necessities,

Lisel Muller writes:

~The illusion of progress.
Imagine our lives without it:
tape measures rolled back, yardsticks chopped off.
Wheels turning but going nowhere.
Paintings flat, with no vanishing point.
The plots of all novels circular;
page numbers reversing themselves past the middle.
The mountaintop no longer a goal,merely the point between ascent and descent.
All streets looping back on themselves;
life as a beckoning road an absurd idea.
Our children refusing to grow out of their childhoods;
the years refusing to drag themselves
toward the new century.
And hope, the puppy that bounds ahead,
no longer a household animal. ~ 

Isn’t some of that that the modern condition, an awareness of the illusion of progress, science finally beginning to voice that long held supposition of the circularity, almost the irrationality of time?

All moments taking place simultaneously, all choices having already been made, or perhaps our experience authored by our biological function, as we are creatures who breathe and perceive by the skins, the senses we are in, and no other…

Permeated by experience, shot through with delight, pain, and here is the clincher, surprise.

Brought to life again and again by the unforeseen.

Shock is a life giver and how subtly and thoroughly we engineer and orchestrate our shocks, and where we fall down on the job, the universe will provide…

Do you remember when I used to say
~ We are all going further in?~ 

Oh now, now we are further in.  
Ask yourself, 

What in my life, what will hold this change I am struggling to make?

Oh that’s a really good question!  
Nothing that has come with us.
You are doing it.
Beginning to make it.
Only something new.  
Let’s breathe together now. Let’s breathe with all of our molecules in concert, all entwined with the world around you, with the air that enters your body and becomes you.  

I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.  

Love YOU!!! 



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