Starry Eyes February 22, 2023

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I was going to write this on Thor’s-day, but here I am on Odin’s day. 

I had to! Brilliant sharp cutting ideas are floating around. It can help you be brave, or to turn an idea sideways to see it more clearly. Mercury trines Mars and squares Uranus. The Moon moves through a Venus Jupiter sandwich.

It’s a good day for a surprisingly lovely connection. 

What did you think of the new moon in Pisces?

Are you planting seeds?

Opening doors, making a wish?

I’m reminded of what I wrote for the Full Moon in Pisces September 10, 2022. I’ll put some of it down at the bottom of the page so you can remember the time.*

I was talking then about having to make peace with not going further into dreamland, instead making do with what we had and being supported by the vision of what could someday be. 

I think we have done that, and wild as it is to say, that time is over. 

So where oh where did it take us? 

Very slowly to the brink of where we are now. 

The Sun was in Virgo, and we had to be practical.

Now? Not so. Pisces. 

Or maybe even more so, but not at all in the same way. 

Our new moon in Pisces on February 20 2023 was a sign of things to come, surprisingly real things.  A door opens and you look in… this moon has an idea of what you are going to do in the future. 

Venus in Aries is chasing Jupiter, she wants what he’s got: expansion, something NEW. It’s a good time to dream for what you want. You have to talk about it, & you have to begin. 

The Sun is not exactly set free from Saturn, what it is, is just past it. We have incorporated the bottom lines, and necessities. We know what is needed, or we can imagine what, and before too long we will scurry to solve our puzzles, even now there may be a lot of scurrying..  some sort of wild squirrel situation… so many vectors threatening to realize themselves, while we watch, engage, act, react, make a way.  

All the same, just as an exercise…  embrace the possibility of everything working out. Not in one go, not as a simple elegant solution, maybe it’s more like we are leaving the laboratory, and entering the fairy tale.  

Open the door so wide. 

Now we have to be practical about our dreams. 

Pisces people, you know about that, or you are about to… 

Are you taking yourself more seriously?  

Are you lining up with the structures that will bring about your increased authority and prestige? 

Are you hiding, sneaking out the back door? Or are you leveraging and awaiting your promotion in the structures that you already are enmeshed in? 

It’s got to be both, right? 

Both have to be true. 

We have come this far, and now it’s time to open that mysterious door number 3?

There’s an element of sacrifice. 

How could there not be?

You don’t, after all, get something for nothing. 

And to hold on you have to let go. 

How about a structural relationship to sudden lack of authority, to the loss of authority, to becoming an authority? 

Making a structure?

Are you stepping into your power? 

Or stepping away? 

Is stepping away a way of stepping into your power? 

Are your connections real? 

And what could define that?



This is a dance with trust, and also a suggestion that if you are acting in good faith, that’s all you can have.

 You can’t know the outcome, so as you cross your T’s, and dot your I’s do it with an awareness that you are not in complete charge even of your own outcomes, participate. 

In the mix. 

That’s a good phrase for this moment. 

Place yourself in the mix. 

Saturn in Pisces suggests not only a structural relationship to faith, but a structural relationship to glamour, to movies, to dreams, hospitals, prisons, ashrams, monasteries, museums, universities, institutions of all kinds, and to loss, an ability to cut your losses, or to decide where and how to invest.  

When you add in Pluto in Aquarius, many of us are beginning to try to pool our resources, what can we make together?

Does Saturn in Pisces, in a way, suggest that we should not trust? 

Case by case, right? 

To be a whole person, to trust yourself, inevitably you will trust someone(s) else.**  

Saturn in Pisces also suggests that the rules are sometimes invisible, sometimes bendable, and here is how to think about it: Rules may be bendable, but not by you.

That’s God territory. 

I’m already watching the world loosen its corset, and allow for something perhaps not only unexpected, but let’s say, a little unorthodox. 

***What if you open the door to a host of potentials and possibilities, will they come around and bite you later? 

What we know is that we have come to the edge of Pluto & Saturn operating in concert: Saturn only, Saturn all day all the time: ruling/running/ruining everything.

The old-man-time merry go round, has gone around… and around.  

Jump off even if you skin your knee as you land.  

That’s it. 

Saturn will be ruled by Jupiter and Neptune now. 

Pluto will be ruled by a Saturn interested less in tangible wealth, and commerce and, more about structural control.  

Systems, ideas, societal ‘betterment’ intangible wealth, all of it enacted with a very firm grip and a Urainian electric current. 

– Wait, does that sound like a description of an electric chair experience? 

Oh I hope not! Surely something else as well. We will have to inhabit the cracks and push our way to a more beneficent experience of illumination. 

That is to say: Lightning.  

Remember 200 years of AIR.

My my my. 

Exhale.  Expand.

Focus is easier to talk about than to find, but as we slide into Pisces season, let’s aim for what Rilke says:

-May what I do flow from me like a river,

no forcing and no holding back,

the way it is with children.-

Step into the big picture, breathe it in, imagine. 

It’s good for you. It’s healthy to imagine. Prayers have extra power. 

Here is where Jupiter begins to play. 

Jupiter in Aries sextiles Mars in Gemini, and welcomes Venus. 

If you talk about it, you might just do it. 

Action openings in a rainswept dream. 

March will arrive to add moving mountains to a climate of rapid details and assertions, but think of it this way, somebody’s got to move them…. 

Why not let it be exactly the way it is, with high drama outer planet energy and a big kiss is coming too. 

But before we get there, give yourself a moment to dream. 

Let’s end like this: 

Martha Beck writes:

-Try this: Think of a current “drought” in your life. For 10 minutes, just trust that it will all be okay. Trust that you’re being guided. Trust, against all odds and evidence, that you are safe. When I use this exercise on my drought fears, the strangest thing happens: I feel it raining inside myself. I become a microcosm of the life-giving rain….-

I would like to be a microcosm of life giving rain. As we are all breathing together, let’s take a moment and do it now. Here, where there are no separations between the molecules that describe you and the molecules that surround you. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing, here with us. 

Love YOU!! 


*A bit from the podcast for the 

Full Moon in Pisces September 10, 2022 

I wrote a speech and I read it aloud in order to graduate from high school. We all did. Everyone of us. It was a small school. I don’t have the speech anymore but a few of my lines have come to mind lately. I said: – Remember the times Beauty has touched you, these are maps and references. – 

Isn’t it funny that I was already thinking about a certain sort of navigation, an interest I have never really strayed too far from. I said something else too, about Beauty taking my work into her own hands, building and rebuilding images of love.

Where Beauty touches us we return, and when she sings to us, we listen. What beauty gives us, we take for a sign. Here we are now in September of 2022, waiting for a rainbow… that’s how it looks to me.. 

… Actually I saw a rainbow just the other day. I’ve seen so many here.

Like Noah waited, we wait too, for a vision that there is dry land somewhere, a sign that we can get out of the boat and begin. Begin again after the flood that destroyed the world. After the world was lost and sunk and what we knew, what we thought we knew of life had been drowned, and we were released, gratefully, unwillingly, willy nilly, or clinging on to the shreds of our former future and having our fingers pried off one by one… no matter which way. RELEASED. 

That’s the main thing. Set on a different path. And now we’d like to get on with it please and thank you. but it’s not so simple is it?

What kind of heart are we cultivating inside?

The PATH! Did I say something about a path?

Is there a path?

That’s just it.. “The path is made by walking.

By walking you make a path..” Antonio Matchado wrote that as part of a larger poem, anyway he’s right. 

There is a poem by Franny Choi called


I’ll just read you the opener, she says:

-Lord, I confess I want the clarity of catastrophe but not the catastrophe.

Like everyone else, I want a storm I can dance in.

I want an excuse to change my life.-

We all have a case of the “Oh no! What if I do or am doing the wrong things! Make the wrong choices! What if, in fact, I can not see where this will take me??” 

To that I’d just like to say:

When you spot dry land, get off the boat, Kittens. Don’t wait. 

The full moon in Pisces might present as a bit of an antidote to all this measuring. What if this time you go through the window instead of the door?

What if this time things are imperfect and you are prepared to enjoy them that way?

That’s alright, isn’t it?

**Can you make friends with uncertainty, can you move, not only by faith, but with trust? Can you really know all your own motivations? All the reasons why? … 

And if you could, would you make different choices? I hate to say it, but honestly who knows. We are momentarily done wrestling the imaginary we want to actually wrestle. 

***Out in the wide world I’ve been reading about the  possible disbanding of the board of education, and more on “relaxing” child labor laws. 

The other big trend is fully encapsulated in this headline.  

 What’s most notable about it is, ok: EVERYTHING. 

The fact that it’s robots, the fact that they are “dogs”, the fact there is community outcry, and the fact that that outcry just doesn’t matter one bit. Saturn in Pisces can dissolve authority, but it can also  make it somewhat opaque. 

The boss you can’t see or can’t speak to… The relationship between government and the governed is going to stretch to extremes in much the same way as the relationship between big business and consumer has done. You can’t find the solutions without highlighting the problem, and that we will surely do in these years to come. 


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