Starry Eyes Newsletter October 21 2023

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 Hey Beautifuls, 

Wow oh my gosh 
It’s me, today! October 21, 2023   

How is everything? 

How are you?! 

Things are finally starting to take shape in this eclipse zone… though it’s a fair question… 
WHAT SHAPE? What shape is it?? 

That’s our Saturn in Pisces melting or should I say morphing the boundaries..
it’s a little tricky to see what (and who) goes where.  

For our spring Eclipse Zone in the last long ago newsletter I sent on May 5 2023, I wrote: 

What if it is impossible to see the shape you make while you make it?What if you weave the world into being with both eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back?Consistency is that haze on the mountains, look there, and move toward it. Don’t expect to arrive.You are responsible for what you do, and ultimately most people do what they want.To change your life, change what you want.  

 It’s worth going back thru your email. It may make more sense to you now, than it did when I wrote it.   

Here are some clips: 
 ______ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 

-There is a LOT to put in the mix. Conceptually Pluto in Aquarius has really come in hot, bringing bold, bold cultural and structural shifts. New laws, new tech, new maneuvers are at hand and while they surround us, we use the flush of fresh energy to envision or scramble after alternate situations. And let’s just say that Pluto in Capricorn is not done… because… it’s not.  

I mean… We see the future, but we are not there…  ( as ever) We gear up, put on goggles and masks, spacesuits, and mud boots…  

Life grows and dies breath by breath, we hustle to “arrive”  to live in a world which supports us… and as we dream, we plan and imagine, we are confronted by how very far from the utopia we fly, (and to all the people internally cringing over the use of the word- utopia) I am speaking to the fact that I really would like us to have a break from:Continual Murder of People Who Want to Simply Exist   

This interaction, as much as anything, is our eclipse.  The eclipse in Scorpio describes the death of someone who has physical needs, and we all do.  Shouldn’t we all be able to eat, sleep, and breathe?  Should we really have to die, so that our discomfort does not disturb others?  Or to say it another way, why is our death less disturbing than the pain of our lives?- 


-When I think about what’s coming, when I try to bring that within the realm of what we will become, when I think of what we are striving to encompass, when I think of what we imagine letting go of in order to survive with our humanity intact; what does that mean, what does that mean we will do?  

When I think of what we are becoming, when I try to bring that within the realm of what’s coming, when I imagine our lives as the intersection of cultural momentum and personal exploration and development, when I imagine the spiritual ambition of our dreams interacting with the world as it has already been arranged, when I imagine the spiritual ambition of our dreams arranged as it is, because of how human ambition has shaped the world, when I open to the mystery of genuine cyclical change, I feel that we have arrived at a moment of profound fertility.  

The earth is wet with what may as well amount to our tears, and having cried them out, we can see something sprouting in the mud, in the wet, along with refuse, remains, broken sticks, trash, twining vines, along in the alley, in the earth there, we see something else, something with a will to exist.  How is it that having failed to solve our personal ambitions, we turn to a collective wish?  


It’s not enough to “get what we want” and we know now that we don’t, we won’t get it. We don’t get what we want. I mean that in letting go of a specific personal hope we move toward that hope for society.  Or is the other way around, letting go of what society will or can provide we begin to look at personal ways to provide it, but not only for ourselves.  As in: in asking for more meaningful desires, we begin to approach collective needsImeanpersonalneeds. Imeancollectiveneeds,  I mean that what we personally need now, is an ethereal AND literal connection with our collective.  (even a community garden may do some of this work)   That’s Saturn in Pisces, making the sort of mixed up sense it likes to make. Never without a paradox. Always within a paradox.- 

 ______  ______ ______ ______ _____ _____ _____ _____   

That was what I said in May. Relevant? SO. Now. Today. October:  


As we inhabit the space between the October 14 Solar Eclipse in Libra, and the finale of our Taurus Eclipse cycle which arrives with the Full Moon on October 28, the harshness of the general sky-climate is making necessities out of our preferences, or making the necessities of your life give your preferences a little wiggle room, as in: We do what we must. 

And what MUST we do again? I’m unsure? OHHHHHHHhhhhhh… riiiiiight:  survival.  
We must survive. 

 In honor of that, and well… everything, I’m doing $80 dollar consults. A whole hour for a whole $80. Or a whole ½  hour for a whole  $80. It is what it is: at last some simplicity. Ahhh.  

You can use the Mystery Button on THIS page to set it up. After that just shoot me an email and we’ll talk. <3  

p.s.ALSO*I’m opening applications for Astrology students to make a little cohort. 12 students, 6 weeks. If you have wanted to know in depth Astrology from the inside out, this is where it happens! Curious? Drop me a line to know more. <3 *I’m really excited about this!! eeeee!!! 

Love YOU!!! XoX 


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