As Though We Write Our Names Or Put Our Footprints in Wet Cement (Starshine Show Episode 38)

Our permissions have arrived from ourselves.

If you can’t find yours, make it a point to go looking. You should be able, now, to hear yourself say YES. Even without all the information, even without a 5 year plan, even without knowing how it ends.

Information and the Balance of Power (Starshine Show Episode 37)

Information arrives under the light of the Full Moon there is a question underneath… a loose thread to pull at and we do pull it… we can’t help it… we can’t help but wonder and feel…

Use The Word Grow For -Go- (Starshine Show Episode 36)

When the youngest prince in the fairy-tale cannot save his kingdom, he leaves home to find something priceless, some object or a series of experiences that take him from Prince to King.

Issues Make Their Way Into The Open… Time’s Up. (Starshine Show Episode 32)

… like a river that flows into tributaries without losing force… Some of us will change direction, but for many, it’s simply that what has been happening underneath can not be denied.

Invisible Forces Rule Everything (Starshine Show Episode 31)

It’s messy and human and wet. … Manipulation, partial revelation, deep conversation, deep consequences, final straws, strokes of luck, fantastic projections, it’s all there.

Peak Condition For Change. (Starshine Show Episode 27)

As both scientists and performers know, there is a moment where things have suddenly gotten out of hand, and by this I mean, they have come alive. Unpredictability is the gift of everything that grows.

You Have To Bring The Self You Have. (Starshine Show Episode 26)

Something new is born in us, and we can’t hang on and let go with both hands, and what we do now, trapeze style, we do completely, with both hands.

Stay Open, Stay Open. Stay Open & Begin Practically (Starshine Show Episode 22)

Our New Moon at 21 Taurus only asks us to begin, deliberately, definitively, with a light heart and a quick wit. With the embrace of pleasure for its own sake, and perhaps a bold move because now, you find, it really is time.

Hope is Like a Road in the Country… (Starshine Show Episode 19)

The Sun, Chiron, and Venus are together: only authenticity, only originality, and they manage a sextile to both Saturn and our Mars/North node. A kite takes shape. What happens moves the plot. Let’s not begrudge the second act of our play it’s defining characteristics.

What Happens Next Will Blow your Tits Clean Off (Starshine Show Episode 9)

The sky of the Full Moon in Taurus is so stark as to look plainly and simply mechanical. A metronome that only tics one way, a wind up clock that takes us into a time we seem to be avoiding.

Every Day We Don’t Die (Starshine Show Episode 1)

It’s time to get real about what you know. It’s the best and only strategy. We are not done going backward. We are nowhere near done looking back. Oh we want to be done. We want more than anything to be done. Are we close? We are not close.