Taurus Full Moon, October 31, 2020

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Last night while we ate dinner, myself, my children and their friend, (all eating a very large greek salad, so large that we couldn’t even finish it,) my son reminded me that there still exists and circulates an internet advertisement that more than likely you have seen.

It reads – A man baked an egg in an avocado, and what happens next will blow your tits clean off! –

If that could happen, I suppose it will happen now. Or maybe the one about how doctors hate it if you eat this certain fruit.

Jonathan Galassi wrote a poem called Once:


the train has left the

station you can’t take it.

Once the promise has been

broke you can’t unbreak it.

If the letter has been sent

you can’t rewrite it.

If the cigarette’s been smoked

you can’t not light it.

Now the candle’s snuffed

you can’t see by it.

Once the seat’s been sold

no one can buy it.

The phone is disconnected:

don’t talk to it.

The window’s painted black;

you won’t see through it.

The scotch tape end is lost,

you can’t unwind it.

The earring’s in the lake;

you’ll never find it.

And now the money’s squandered—

you can’t give it

back. And time is short;

you have to live it.

The chart of this full Moon in Taurus has Sagittarius rising, so it’s a story. Because the south node is in Sagittarius we start at the end and work our way back, all the way back, to a beginning.

If you want a change, and you do, we do, we are.

It seems there are some clear winners and losers here, like a plot involving a big sports game, or an event where one has already picked a side.

You know what you want to happen, and then something happens. Only we can’t be sure, or I mean to say, how can we identify what strength our position holds?

At dinner, we briefly discussed the Napoleonic wars, and how backward, to some, those wars might have seemed at the time. Who wanted to be ruled by this little man after they had already fought a revolution?

Saturn squares Mercury: someone is trying to shut you up, or someone(s) are trying to silence a larger group of people. Perhaps information regarding that silencing comes to light.

Right along with that, the news could be financial. A shock regarding the money situation of those in power. A shock regarding your own finances.

Subtraction, a removal or shock so large it looks like a baby being born. Because that’s what happens, you can’t stay in there forever. But, it could be a job offer, the time you quit. When someone leaves for good, or I mean to say, arrives.

Use the shock to make a connection.

The sky of the Full Moon in Taurus is so stark as to look plainly and simply mechanical. A metronome that only tics one way, a wind up clock that takes us into a time we seem to be avoiding.

Who would like to? Wouldn’t you like to crawl right out of your skin, somehow give it the slip?

That’s this time. And we want that, to slip away, even as we want to have powered through, to push ahead, to have been here already, and now be somewhere else. Let’s get to the good part. The good part, the good part. Whatever that means, whatever that means for you at this time.

As I write this, I’m listening to my little dog scratch at the tile floor under my bed. She needs to do that, and she does it all the time, so it’s softer, so she can rest.

Since the sky needs to open up and crack, let’s suggest that the sky does exactly that in the way she can crack. Let’s suggest that the crack ticks the clock, the clock moves our hands, and we do not stay in the safety of our malaise, but journey out to something bigger, a new storyline, a larger arc.

– Barbara Brown Taylor sez: Darkness is not something you go through. It is God’s home.-

Under the bright Moon light and in the safety of God’s home, we breathe together with all of the unseen animals, the actual creature filled holy darkness we live in, brimming with every sort of life.

Let’s breathe into it, into the limitless vibrations of the molecules with which we are entangled, as ever indivisible from the limitless power of creation.

In every conceivable imagining, we are here in this place, together.

I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!


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