The Reductive Power of Symbolism    

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Symbols as the basis for understanding.

No Symbols = no language =no complex thought.

Nothing to hold a place while your brain moves concepts around.

No understanding of elements and their function within the larger whole.

People are not symbols, but that is how we use them.

Knowing full well that a cat, an individual cat is different than an imagined black,

or calico, an ugly, fat or scrawny cat. A pretty one, a hunter,

or simply one that lives and breathes with one individual life.

Or one life of nine anyway.

The reductive element exists as a shortcut toward consciousness,

even if it’s a lazy one. If we understand the concept CAT,

is it possible that we will understand an individual cat?


Oh maybe, but perhaps more and better if we simply watch and learn.

Do you want to be a symbol for someone, or a human in all your messy glory?

Can you remove everything you place on top of people to “understand them”

and be a witness for what they bring on their own.

Do you need to be seen as a certain someone?

Smart or Pretty, a hot guy, a cool girl, a competent mother…

Can you show up without your elaborate armor, your suit of categories?

Would anyone let you?

Who do you see around you?

Can you be seen?

Love YOU!!!


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