The Square from Jupiter to Saturn    

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I posed this question about my life:

~Maybe it’s a lesson in failure… cut your losses…

stop trying to make everything work out…

move on to something new?

I really don’t know what is correct.~

via text to one of my besties.

That’s the Astrology.

Trine from Jupiter to Uranus says -Yes You Can!-

~Here is your lucky break~

Saturn finishing his tour de Scorpio, now with Pluto Direct,

tells us

~Stop f*cking around! The dress rehearsal is OVER. Unrecoverable losses are possible both emotionally and physically. This time it counts.~

Is it f*cking around to take your lucky break?

Especially when you know Cardinal Chaos is coming in the form of Eclipses!

DUDE! Surprises!!!

Well, is it?


That is the square from Leo Jupiter to Scorpio Saturn,

Integrity vrs Self Preservation in challenging times.

Our winch is getting tightened.

Jupiter now at 15 LEO, and moving ahead,

Saturn inching along at 20 Scorp.

What lenses can we use to see more clearly?

~If not now, when?

Ok now.

~But what now?

~Can we grow without putting ourselves in danger?

~What criteria can we use to establish worthwhile battles?

~Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

~If you wait for a perfect day to make your move…

you will be waiting a long long while.

~If the certainty of goodbye is a victory,

and is it?

….is the uncertainty of a hello also a victory?

~Is the last one holding on the winner?

~What did you win?

~True devotion is?

~True devotion to self?

and if we are not devoted to ourselves who will be?


We KNOW it is time to be revolutionary.

That is a tricky puzzle, when

revolutionary and reactionary are diametrically opposed, as they are now.

The clearest perspective here is going to come in the form of long term (Saturn) thinking,

about your future (Jupiter)

Realizing that the square will be integrated by the ingress of Saturn into Sagittarius this winter.

Take the long view,

with an eye toward structuring your life toward spiritual freedom.

You want to be able to live with who you have been, and who you will become.

The ultra magnificent epic-ness of this Merc retro (oct. 4- 25th)

suggests that we will be going over it:

and by it, I mean the challenges that face us:


go cardinal go cardinal go.go.go.cardinal

cardinal signs baby, making changes.

You don’t have to get it right the first time,

you may not be able to get it right the first time.

What is asked for here is genuine heart.

As those bumper-stickers say: the best things in life aren’t things.

~Chrissy Zebby Tempo, My Ancestors~ is the best album I have heard in ages!

Hard to feel like a total loss when early Velvets/Sabbath style Afro-Pop is still discoverable! LOVE it SOOOO Much



Love YOU!!!



apparently WATER is the oldest magic on earth!


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