a talk I gave at a Seven Daughters of Eve Zoom Church 4/26/20

The following is a talk I gave at a Seven Daughters of Eve Zoom Church broadcast on April 26, 2020. It centers on the astrology of the next month or so, and has a bit of a God thing going, as we were “in church”. Here it is:

I’m glad, so unbelievably glad you are here. Thank you. Thank you for being here with me, and thank you for being here with each other. Can we breathe deeply now, is that possible? Wherever we can breathe, let’s send our gratitude, and where we struggle to breathe let’s send our deepest love. 

Sibyl wanted me to tell you about something we have been talking over the last couple of years: It’s a star named Regulus. 

On November 28th, 2011, the fixed star Regulus finished it’s journey through Leo (as we see it here on earth) and arrived in Virgo. This star moves very slowly. It has been in Leo for around 2160 years. 

Here on earth we see Regulus in Leo as aligned with and symbolic of the juedo-christian and islamic religions that have been so popular and influential. 

The move of Regulus from Leo to Virgo symbolizes a move from a masculne, heart centered and performative religion to a more feminine, nature oriented,  humble, and cerebral religion. It is in that spirit that we gather today. 

It’s beautiful to feel our connections. I want to tell you some things about the moment that you are in. You already know them, but sometimes hearing the words helps us to open to our reality and to heal. 

How many of you right now are ready to trust in God as you conceive it? 

How many here today believe that you can not be separate from God, that you are a spark of limitless flame?

There is no way on this earth, to meaningfully separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you. There is no way to extricate yourself from the limitless power of creation. 

In a world of surprises, God would like to know, where is your fire? Where is your fire to care for those you encounter?

Everything will stop you now, and everything will not let you rest.

On this day, regardless of biology we are all capable of birth. Rebirth, and what comes before it: literal or cosmic gestation. We are born for these times. Not for any other. The facts speak for themselves.  Since nothing is reasonable now, no matter how logical we become, there is always another facet, another dimension, another open or shut painful window with a painful view. Are you distracted? 

Don’t believe that there can be one single answer to a complex problem.

Who is it that is trying so hard right now? Is it you? Are you trying so hard to begin? Or to hang on? Have you given up, or, are you waiting to be rescued? Is there a message you are trying to send?  

Swept along on the tides of history, is that what they say? You are being moved. Everything will stop you now, and everything will not let you rest. Rebellion and control. This will go on for a couple of years. 

What is it, that crosses from animal to human, and in a blink, from human to human, and back to animal, to human, to human animal? It turns out, it’s quite a lot!  Infinite communal communication. 

What have we all been trying to say????

We are married to the future, which is to say the present, to our own genius and technological selves. 

Today the sky above the planet earth can be described with the following pile of words: 

The Sun is in Taurus conjunct Uranus, the Moon is in Gemini conjunct Venus. Neptune in Pisces squares the Moon/Venus conjunction. Mercury and Chiron are on the opposite sides of Aries.  Mars in Aquarius trines the Moon/Venus conjunction. Jupiter hugs Pluto who stations retrograde at 25Capricorn. The North Node is at 0 degrees Crab.

You are newborn, and your assistance is needed in the birth of others. This time we are waking up to, is a summer of frustration and a summer of grief. 

Almost nothing is easy, and as you make your choices, you will not even know for certain if you are lying, or if someone else is. Perhaps it’s not about the truth as we might ordinarily recognize it? Perhaps you are both in a state of longing, or perhaps you have returned to your truest selves? 

We have been frozen in order to unlock. Your own hand at the key site of your own heart. 

People return to us after long separations. Virtually, or literally. Projects restart, stop and restart again. There is always another facet, another dimension.  Infinite communal communication.     

You can stop now, You can stop looking for a way out, we are all going further in. There is a lot of fighting in the time to come, and no one can offer any protection, except as a mother gives to a child. 

It’s worth imagining that everyone you encounter has already been your mother. Or that each person you see is your beloved child and you are now reconciled with them after so many days apart. There is no way to meaningfully separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you. There is no way to extricate yourself from the limitless power of creation. 

The dead are among us. Can you take time, some time each day to remember the dying? Can you open your heart to those who have lost the ones they love? 

Allow yourself to imagine your own death. Take a deep breath and feel that you are breathing, you are alive and here with us.

The end of Chiron in Pisces, the transition to Chiron in Aries

The end of Chiron in Pisces, the transition to Chiron in Aries

The following bit of writing is a speech I gave on December 21st 2018 at the Whitney Museum in NYC. I wrote this piece for an event which was part of a series called 12 Shouts to the Ten Forgotten Heavens by playwright and performer Sibyl Kempson and her theater company, Seven Daughters of Eve. I had been working with Sibyl for a few years on the themes and symbolism for these solstice and equinox performance happenings. She is a frequent collaborator, (we do the StarShine Show podcast together) and a passionate and generous human. I’ve been reminded by the sky to look at this writing again. Chiron is has been tres active these last three months, So here we are, paralyzed, held into place as we discover what hurts.

I want to say also, that there will be a lot of waste. It will take too much time. You won’t be able to get it right. That’s it. You are doing it, move ahead.

We are all trying so hard right now to not let go, of our lives, our impossible circumstances, the reality, the facade we have constructed, and at the same time we can see that we have to. We have to tear the past in half even as part of what we are tearing is ourselves, and our desire to maintain, to have an understandable, a comprehensive structure under which, and even more importantly within which we can live. 

That is gone now. You are holding it like a piece of paper and the wind will rip it from your hands and you will watch it taken from you, as the wind takes things, in it’s own time and without regard for meaning in the way you are able to understand it.

There is no constructed meaning. It’s humbling, and standing there is not enough. You will be forced to move your legs, your feet, even your arms and the rest of you. You will have to carry yourself to another place. And as you go you will see the earth reshape itself around you. New colors, new objects. No security. 

On February 18, 2019, Chiron will move from Pisces, where it has been since  February 8, 2011, to Aries where it will be until June 19, 2026. A new individuality is coming. We will step out of a collective sense of pain and responsibility in to a personal one. 

And in order to do that, we will have to risk being seen in ways we have not dared before. Our underbelly will be showing, and we will have to stand there, and acknowledge it. YES. That is my soft underbelly, that is my fierce source of power. I will draw myself up like a warrior. I will not wait for these problems to solve themselves. Because that’s part of it, right? 

We are waiting, and now, even if, even as, we are pushed out the door of the airplane, already teetering at an unthinkable, and yet absolutely logical, a measurable distance from where we are going, even if we are pushed, at some point, and that point is now, we will still have to jump. Make the choice. Not with words, with your feet, your arms and hands with your blood, split open your solar plexus to allow the new energy access to your heart. Your head will be throbbing, and you will have a headache that doesn’t leave for weeks. Let it in. Let it work it’s entire way through your body. Say YES. That’s who I am, that’s who I need to be.