Venus and Jupiter Retrograde Reconsidered    

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It’s one thing to describe it before it happens, it’s another to live through the reality.

How can we ever get ahead?

Even if we are taking the steps, completing our obligations, moving in our chosen direction, our gains are by inches, or at least they may seem so, we make them fighting a wayward wind, an obstinate tide, or in my case tiny biting ants that have infested my desk and computer! And for what? What do they want?!

There you were, moving along in your new life, only to find a hold up, a hijack, a slow down, a detour, a complication, or worse, a genuine obstacle, which must be overcome, and for which you do not have all the resources you need.

Is it that having made it this far out to sea, or into the woods, that we are lost?

Perhaps not having lost the ENTIRE plot, we know the general focus of our goals, but doesn’t it seem also, (however fresh the New Moon in Aries), that we may begin, set out, labor along the way, and still somehow never arrive.

Never, Never, Never.


Jupiter moves backward until June 9th. At that point he will sit at 13 degrees Libra taking a full three weeks before he makes it to 14 degrees, on July 1st.

Venus won’t move ahead until she has a reckoning with Chiron at 26 degrees Pisces on the 14/15th of April .

Do we actually have to wait until halfway through another month to find solid evidence to work with, or resonant validation?

Here, let me give you a perspective shift:


What do you care about?

Can you make contact with your values (Venus) and increasingly shape your life around them?

Do you have faith (Jupiter) in yourself?

If you have none, is it fair to expect life to supply what you are missing?

How much evidence do you need to see that you are valuable?

After all, the only person who needs to find your life rewarding is you.

Who or what are you living for?

Is it alright to hope?

This is a time when we must, in a way, become very simple.

Love and Faith, which bring Light and Joy, can always be excavated from within you. You can journey to them as you would go on a pilgrimage to a shrine. Make contact. Clean off the dead leaves, light a new candle, repaint if necessary.

This retrograde allows you to ask the question, how can you generate self-knowledge, self-respect, for your own living heart, which you use to love the world? For almost every encounter has at it’s core a question, and when we are grounded, the answer is yes.

Not the small ‘yes’ or ‘no’ of permissions and plans, but the yes I am here. Yes, I am here to see you. Yes, I am here to experience this. Yes, I am responding from my core. Yes I will remain true to myself, whether I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


Being in the right frame of mind to make a choice, is half the work of being able to make one.

We are gathering our power, our hope, and as we go back to reevaluate, there are daydreams, tangents, re-connections with old relationships, and ‘past lives,’ former selves, with who and what you used to care about, holding up the shape of your old cognitions to compare the size and width to what you believe and value now. None of us can fully escape following the wrong path, or a random path, down a rabbit hole and as long as you can find your way back, you don’t need to!

What you are looking for is your heart, your optimism, what you really like, and feel is ‘right’.

All this that we experience now, leads us to a moment when we will be obligated to suck it it up and refocus, re-think, mid-April (Mercury will be retro by then.) and that moment will not be easy!

Why not?

The answer is this: Venus direct on the 14th is in aspect to a very active Saturn. By the 16th of April, our Moon conjuncts Saturn (limits!responsibilities!), which squares a Venus/Chiron mash up, while that same Saturn/Moon trines the Sun/Uranus/Mercury conjunction, as well as the North Node @3 Virgo, AND inconjuncts a stubborn Taurus Mars. That jolt that makes us release our fear. Self-value, and a connection to the infinite, will be the only way out.

It will be clear what you need to do, if not how you will do it. The paths through the forest stop dividing, day dream season is over.


Can I admit that knowing there is a stark moment ahead makes me (somewhat) enjoy my current capacity to not know what on earth the solution is to my dilemmas?

pisces type

For now, we will alternate, we make specific plans and we dream on, following ourselves to ourselves, searching, pursuing choices and chances as they make their appearance, realizing we won’t know until another two weeks at least, which of the genies grant wishes and which ones play tricks.

Pro tip:

Trust yourself



Love YOU!!!!



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