Virgo Full Moon overnight February 26/27th 2020

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It’s kind of pretty, this one, and for a change our lunation doesn’t seem to be centered in pain. Not that pain or endings won’t be present for some, but if you are experiencing a loss,  growth arrives in that moment or immediately after.

This quote is religious in nature, but Richard Rohr makes a very strong point:

– Once we have learned to discern the real, disguised nature of both good and evil, we recognize that everything is broken and fallen, weak and poor, while still being the dwelling place of God—you and me, your country, your children, your churches, even your marriage. That is not a put-down, but finally a freedom to love imperfect things! As Jesus told the rich young man, “God alone is good!” (Mark 10:18). In this, you may have been given the greatest recipe for happiness for the rest of your life. You cannot wait for things to be totally perfect to fall in love with them or you will never love anything. Now, instead, you can love everything. –

The set up in the sky looks like a loving heart, it looks like capable hands. repositioning both reasonable and radical. It looks functional and deeply motivated though perhaps not expected.  

When I look at this chart through my Virgo-vision I think of carrying a plant outside, and the pot breaks, and in a magical time lapse sort of way, the plant begins to grow directly into the earth. 

We are given the go ahead here. Venus is newly in Pisces, and although we are working with major change energy, there is gentleness to it. Whatever becomes visible to you, whatever GIANT ALTERATIONS are at work, (I’m looking at you Saturn Square Uranus) as Virgo turns on the moonbeams, our revelations or conclusions are still bathed in that softness. 

It’s practical somehow, and a little bit dreamy. Taurus Mars trines Capricorn Pluto. The Earth movers are reshaping our landscape. 

First Step by Robin Heerens Lysne


are sometimes foggy.

The path is not always clear.

The end of one begets another.

To begin, put one foot

in front of the other.

Your foot knows where to land,

the one that moves forward first.

Forget about the best foot.

Just put it out there.

Stop traffic if you have to.

Go home if that is where it leads you.

Go back to work

if that is where your foot falls.

You don’t have to

go anywhere

Just rest.

After you step,

take another.

Forget about the weather.


Step again.

I want to say that springtime is almost here… but is it? Is it really? I guess it depends on where you live, but there is a certain amount of unlocking taking place now. Not everything is frozen tight. 

Let’s take a breath together 

Let’s be exactly where we are, right HERE. HERE where there are no genuine separations between any of us, no separations between the vibrations of your molecules and the vibrations of all the molecules surrounding you. We are connected, endlessly entwined, infinitely inseparable from the limitless power of creation. I’m so glad that you are alive and breathing, here with us.


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