– Wow… Just.. wow!…your writing really, really put things into perspective, so beautifully! Such amazing insight you have… Thank you so, so much for clarifying this spiritual aspect of this whole experience so wonderfully, it helps me immensely. And after just reading this only two times, for now. 🙂 Recently, I have felt a bit overwhelmed by this, and I was kind of sending out an s.o.s, asking for help.. Well, the universe sure has delivered, let me tell you that! You have an amazing gift, thank you so much for sharing it with me! I wish you all the very best with your work and everything, if I ever feel like I need more help, I know where to turn! And of course, if I feel like someone I know could be interested in this kind of insight, I will surely recommend! Now I’m gonna let this marinate a little, but already I feel much clearer about the whole thing, and kind of relieved, quite frankly.. Thank you again, so, so much!! All the best, Inja-

Thank you again for your very thoughtful, insightful, and frankly, beautiful take on all this. This is just gorgeous. You should write a book! Really!  If you have anything else to add, or respond to any of this: great. If not, know that I am so grateful and really, REALLY appreciate what you do!!!!
xoxox Tim –

Perfection – exactly what I’d been hoping for! I will be forwarding to some of my besties, sure this will result in more clients. thank you so much! and I will be back as well … -Laura

Omie, you have given me plenty to work with and delivered an abundance of insight that I was seeking. I knew you were the Astro-Gal to consult. Many thanks, Johnny

Hi Omie, I am really grateful for your consult thank you sooo much for sending it so quickly. I’ve read it about 8 times already, cried twice loll …will probably keep reading it all day. I appreciate your take on things.. Your point of view is fresh and factual, i needed to hear it… you covered a lot of ground plus more. I really like your style, its awesome. Thanks so much!! Talk soon!-Melissa N.

I just wanted to thank you again for the reading… you helped me so much when I hit one of those anxiety pockets and needed reassurance… you reassured me in a way that encouraged me to seek reassurance from myself… (if that makes sense) which was very empowering…. WHILE reassuring me with astrology specifics at the same time: pretty neat trick!
Thank you!!!!! 🙂 -B

Thank you so much for incorporating my chart astrology into our tarot reading. The tarot message itself was poignantly and gently delivered, and the points at which your referenced the astro-tools I have and can use to *work* the message of the reading… well, those points are in my heart now, as I go forward. And they help a lot. Thanks again, Omie. I look forward to reading with you again. -mg

Dear Omie, I had a reading with you about a month ago. You helped me understand the structure of my challenges. Its like having a GPS for my life. I pick the general direction and start moving. I hit roadblocks and detours all the time (usually the same ones over and over) but I don’t panic (as much) because I know I have the tools to turn around quickly. – Rochelle

Thank you so much, as always. You have helped me much more than you know. Really. I treasure your insight. I really, truly, am indebted to you for your genuine kindness. Thank you. -Michael T.

THANK YOU!!! Dear Omie, Thank you for your reading! I will give it to XXXX today and if he has questions I will email them to you. You are a very very gifted lady. More than you know. You hit the nail on the head with XXXX. Hugs and LOVE, Anne Marie

I was truly amazed by your reading and have already told several friends about it. I would highly encourage anyone who is experiencing changes in their life or who has questions about their path, or who is feeling curious about their life or relationships—and come on, who doesn’t fall into one of those categories?!—to seek out your guidance.

I couldn’t believe how accurately you described me, my challenges, tendencies and relationships, based on knowing very little about me. I had a couple of moments where I thought, “whoa—she’s holding a mirror up to my deepest thoughts, fears and experiences.” And at times I was honestly a little scared by that. But, not because you made me feel uncomfortable—to the contrary, you really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable in your awareness of who I am. It was simply a little shocking that a stranger could tell me so much about myself. I really appreciated your skill and look forward to another reading when I feel like the time is right in my life. -Megan McGeary

Dear O,
I can’t thank you enough. I am so grateful for your loving, careful, thorough knowledge, and am still wonder-struck by the way that you hit nail after nail after nail right on the head. You are intuitive to a level that borders on psychic, & so skilled at putting it all into words.  What you offer is such a useful tool: a door to introspection, but with the added insight of your honesty & your perspective, it is like looking through a new door entirely.

My experiences having astrology readings with Omie have offered me great insight into myself and my children. Omie not only explained what she read in our charts but also offered tangible ways to work with whatever was presenting itself. She lets you know what is up with no nonsense or fluff. I am sure I will continue see Omie for greater perspective and understanding of what is at play in my life and around me!YAY O! Lightning!!– Kate Burnham

Omie has the invaluable ability to make direct sense out of what feels like incomprehensible chaos. My reading with her was a bit like undergoing a very comfortable and seemingly magical conversation from which I emerged lighter, clearer, and more sure-footed. She used the language of astrology to decipher my present as it relates to my future self, and I felt really empowered by the information. My experience with Omie was incredibly healing – truly more insight was gained in my one reading with her than in all my years of therapy. -Emily

Omie has a great way of combining all of her knowledge of astrology, her well-developed intuition and her beautiful heart to give a very accurate, motivating and healing reading. I got so much out of my reading with her and I highly recommend it! – Melissa Whittaker

O.Thank you so much for an insightful and much needed reading, it’s helped me tremendously. I look forward to having another session with you, longer this time. Thanks thanks! XO -Maggie Lenz-McQuicken

Thank you O. I doubt I ever would have had a reading from you if it had not been a gift. As you know I approached it with, let’s call it humored indifference mixed with skepticism. There turned out to be so much more to it than I’d ever have expected. I return to our session often in my mind and find myself constantly referencing the very real insight that you provided. You are incredibly skilled at your work. – Ben Shadis

Omie, thank you so much for your thoughts and for the last minute birthday reading. I’m sure you get this a lot, but your insight, words and knowing have been incredibly helpful as I navigate these rough waters. xxxx and I are on the same page, but it took a lot of pouring through different books to get there. And being the star of my own brilliant novel is so damn liberating. Hope to see you soon. So, so, so much love. – c.”

Totally amazing… You’re awesome! And you can quote me! 🙂 – T.


About 2 months ago, I realized how awesome you are. I had been reading your blog for like 3 or 4 days only and you posted a video about some Pisces stuff. I don’t recall what it was but you said something that just really struck me as being so insightful and accurate and I was just amazed… Keep doing what you are doing.

I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the pics, your taste in music is impeccable, you have a killer sense of humor, and I love your writing style.

When I read your posts it’s like I’m listening to a dream….

Somehow you can manage to say nothing and say everything at the same time, and quite accurately.

I feel like you obviously have a gift, you have this sensitivity and intuition that goes way beyond the astro.

It’s perfect…I read a few other blogs but I always save yours for last.

I don’t feel like you are trying to write for anybody, but you just write from your heart and put all of your self into it.

Your advice is always caring and loving, it helps me to interpret things and to go about my day with a soft open heart no matter what is happening around me. I really appreciate that. -Ruby

Your blog posts aren’t just writing; they’re works of art, they’re multimedia poetry. I’m going to have to start liking your links before I read them because they’re so amazing that afterward I wander away on an intense mind trip of wonder and never make it back. <3 -Satori

Religiously read your posts! Love love love them! Thanks again for your weather forecasts, they do make the storms a little lighter. – Jenn

O! you have just been rocking my world with your posts lately. I think my facebook friends are sick of my comments and posts (since a lot of them are the same as yours, hehehe) Thank you so much for because of your sweet and slick words I am able to understand a bit more of what I am feeling and looking at the happenings of others with a clearer vision. Well done. -Beck

Wonderful post. You write with the energy of the planets you are describing – creating a poetic, visual and aural language which goes beyond mere literal description – it is felt. I hope you never underestimate what you can do with words. You just nailed it!
It’s always surprising, new and inspiring. … Maybe this blog is Neptunian in essence and that’s why I like it, always lots of culture, poetry and amazing images and new bands which help explain the energy of the current astrological moment. I often download the pictures or save the videos in my bookmarks..just amazing finds. As a ‘feeler’ lol I find your way of expressing astrology suits me because you aim to capture the vibes/energies/feelings and I prefer that to a lot of technical info as I can then relate it to what I find in the world. But nice to know what is moving around up there, but feeling it is the main thing. I really like your own videos too and sometimes when you talk about your life – like the day you shot hoops and drove around, that was a special post….I must catch up on the recent posts!! xoxo Sophiepiscesmoon

Yes more videos! You have great energy -Tam

Cuz you’re doin it again… that thing where your thoughts directly relate to something I was just thinking, or saying… also for cool songs! -M

Virgo sun here, so I like analysis of the current transits and aspects, the “astro-weather” as you call it. I like your insights into how multiple aspects going on at the same time interact, there’s more layers than your typical daily horoscope provides and I think that’s great…. I really like the intuitive way you link different things and the unique ways you describe what’s going on, the more outrageous sounding the better! -Michael

Love YOU!! Frickin’ awesome, very concise, imaginative and funny analysis as always. and p.s., I love yer face. You are ridiculously adorable, O! Keep on keeping on. xx – arriettyclock

I’m so glad you exist. You share these words and I remember I’m part of something much greater than myself:) … I can’t fully describe how awesome your site is. Other sites may provide similar astro highlights but you have so many glittering insights and a poetic voice that tells a story I would have missed if you hadn’t mentioned it. So much love and appreciation to you!-Charlotte

It does feel exactly like that! .. a joy to read you once again -Louise

…I really really like it when you psychically write about exactly what is going on in my life and how to understand and navigate it better. So please keep that up. Other things I like are when you post a song by a band that I love…..Mostly I feel that your daily blog is simply the best astrology blog in existence. -Astrocat

Excellent, Omie. Just excellent. Thank you.-Josi

Awesomely insightful, humorous and supportive during these Saturn in Scorpio times 🙂 -Tasha

Your blog is a pure pleasure. Thanks for all the great work you do and all the awesome clips/pix/songs you post…always enlightening and a lot of fun to boot. xxx – Y

Dead on & on point, as usual. <3 -M

Lovely; always beautifully but not ‘prettily’ written which i respect and feel more comfortable with – and with the best images. something, or often everything, speaks to me in your astro-prose-poetry-journal, of the times, mine, yours, whatever is going on just beyond. I want to say that it comes across shamanically but that is too too an overused word and so will just puff it up into the clouds as a thought not to be dwelt on! …

…rarely have I read anything that gets close to how it relates to me, me-in-the-world, and to the world/the universal in such a striking and original/Uranian way (spot on with your name there too), BUT with something akin to the magic dark gungy action of the compost heap, wherein the worm is midden-world-king and helps earthly life grow wings – so always more than a pungent whiff of Scorpio/Pluto – as your pages do, and with such balanced loving wisdom.

I’m sure you can tell, appreciate your posts. I don’t know how you press the buttons on the astro-zeitgeist so well, visually and word-wise, but you do for me especially this year – I have a feeling the fingers of the fires will reach into Feb/March next year, at least for me personally – and I look forward to your deep light illuminating underworldly insights whenever they ‘present’ (and they are gifts) and for many thunderstorms, those thrilling matters of the gods, to come…

…Every time I read one of your posting insights (and there are many within each), and see how the visuals pair so brilliantly – how do you find them?! little fizz-bombs of (de)light go off in me – I try to give praise where due and am only being honest in wanting to pass that on as feel we all need to know when we are doing good – in all senses of the meaning – work, inspired work, that inspires others. Thank you. Please keep on keeping on! x -Janet

Your word art is so exceptionally beautiful and moving. I love to read you and am always freshly admiring of your talent to bring ideas to life and new perspective in such lyrical ways. Thank you.-Cp Griffin

Gorgeously illuminatingly written. Thanks AGAIN!

Omie this has been truly a crrrazzzy friggin time – you’ve been pulling me through it with your worded wisdoms and super-meaningful internet procurements that amount to nothing less than sacred sorcery. Thank you so much – so grateful for this remarkable help. – Sibyl K

Gorgeous. And just what I needed to hear.-kr

I can’t stop laughing! You have such amazing angles and have so much fun with it. Love love it!
Thanx for the loveliness!- ditisjenn

This is fantastic writing, and true to the energetics to a shocking degree. Thanks! – Tasha
Your posts are inspiring and I love the images. – Katherine

Thank you for posting my favorite song on my bday, & for writing the exact right words for what I’m feeling. x -Y

Beautifully put together Omie. You blow me away with your insight. -jtgirl

Omi! I have been reading your posts all winter! They are so lovely, creative and brilliant. I love the way you speak with words, images, music, and serve up some serious food for thought or for feeling. I am definitely feeling this big energy this week. A need to move, change and sing OUT! I just wanted to say thanks because your posts are like meeting a friend for a deep conversation. They are really wonderful. <3 – Char Low<!